Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Truth Shall Set Us Free

There is something about tending the garden that opens the mind. That gives clarity to thought.

Yesterday was another delightful morning in the garden. The temperature was a little warmer than I like- the sky a bit hazy from the fires- but the butterflies enjoy it- so who am I to complain? Besides, I got to try out the new "floral" shovel. The smaller head is a delight to work with for most planting projects.

While I was outside raking in Worm-Grow and Harvest Supreme Compost to feed freshly scattered poppy seeds around the new yellow butterfly bush way out back, I thought about the invocation I was to give last night.
Once everything was watered, the tools gathered and hose put away, I showered away any cares and organized these thoughts to paper for my portion of the program:

Our Father in Heaven,
We thank you for Your presence in this gathering of your people. Open our minds and hearts to the words of those who have come to teach us. While we are to render to Caesar what is properly the government’s jurisdiction, may we be ever mindful not to let our decisions forget to honor that which is Yours and belonging to Your dominion. Grant us the discernment to know the difference.
Be with those who cannot be with us tonight. Please watch over those who have volunteered to serve in our military, and their families.
Grant peace to those who are in mourning. Strength to those in need. Courage and motivation to those with the capacity to help.
We are humbled by Your generous blessings to us, the people of these United States.
In the coming weeks, we will be tempted by the naysayers who do not understand the magnificence of this time. This is a nation where men and women have equal opportunities according to their skills and education. Where children have the right to education. We live in a land where the sick are not disposed of in the streets for lack of insurance, but are cared for.
Guide us to the courage to do what is right when it is not the same as what is easy. Let us be ever mindful that good results mean more than the beguiling promise. When we vote. Guide us that we will choose the content of character, not the content of words of false hopes.
As is the custom of my faith, I offer this prayer in the name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen

The speaker for the Diamond Bar Republican Women Federated was the always interesting Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson. His family never told him to hate. But the culture sent him a different message. His culture told him that he was a victim: that message sowed the seeds of anger. The anger grew, twisting his ability to deal with reality because, "When you hate it is easy to believe a lie."

When the Reverend turned 38, he let go of his anger and founded BOND- a program dedicated to turning the lives of angry youthful adult males towards hope and success. It is his passion to bring an understanding that a healthy community begins with a healthy family. Yes- the government can take care of you- " can control you... but it can't treat you right." That subtle difference is important if what we want is not just to get by, but to thrive.

The advice he gave, while the context of the evening was political, is a universal truth. "Love what is right...stand up for it... do not be afraid in the battle between good and evil... overcome the fear... when you are afarid of your enemy you empower them... when you know who you are, you're not afraid of what you're called. "

So be enlightened and speak with calm confidence. The truth is the only ultimate winner.

More information on the Reverend and BOND can be found on

The floral shovel is carried by Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar and selected Armstrongs Nurseries.

The photograph of Reverend Jesse Lee Jackson is with incoming Diamond Bar Republican Women Federated President Barbara Carrera.


Sue - Rogue River said...

That was really lovely. I enjoyed the read and the prayer. Need to do that a lot these days! xo Sue :o)

Lydia said...

Thank you. This is the first year I've been asked to do the invocation and I have enjoyed the proces. Threading the needle between the fabrics of what is properly political and the call to faith, expecially when the group is very inclusive, exercises the intellect.

Loving Annie said...

The Revered sounds like he became a very wise man. Good message to pass along !

You take beautiful care of your garden, Lydia - and it shows :)

Roger's Gardens has great things.

Lydia said...

Hi, Annie-
Roger's Gardens is the Nordstrom's of independent nurseries.
From where I stand in the seasons of this life, the Reverend's message was filled with lots of wisdom.
Thank you for being a loyal reader and writer.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted your prayer! I was in the lobby helping Patty with closing up the reception table and only heard the ending of the prayer. That was beautiful and so very thoughtful. You would be amazed at the calls and emails I received with glowing praise for the Rev. Jesse and the entire meeting! It was one of our best to be sure!
Thank you for being there and for bringing the delightful Debbie! Just wish I could have visited with you all but am kept so busy on those nights!
Your garden as always is gorgeous! I could not believe your tool shed! WOW! Looks like the store display! That was your shed, right?
Thank you for that wonderful post!
XO Trisha

Lydia said...

Dear Trisha- Thank you for being such a loyal reader and for commenting so nicely.
I have had more fun with that shed. Which reminds me- I need to post the article which ran in the Windmill last month! Will do later this week.