Friday, October 31, 2008

Spread the Wealth

It is only natural that this close to an election, that thoughts turn to the spreading of manure.
In honor of Halloween and All Saints Day. I will spread this weekend some organic materials about the garden. I'm not going to work them in- just toss about and allow nature to take its course for a few weeks as the ingredients get to know each other and mingle a bit.

While I am not religious about organic gardening, organic supplements tend to be gentler on the garden’s digestive system, so I favor them the way the nutritionist who helped me find my way back to good health, Dr. David Wu, D.C., favors natural food supplements over the chemical variety.

This is what will be topping the soil on the vegetable path and about the irises.

1. Bat Guano- “Guano manure is an effective fertilizer and gunpowder ingredient due to its high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen and also its lack of odor.” It is also what I gave my husband as his gift for his 41st birthday- the year we had the best tomato crop ever.

2. Bone Meal
Gardens need good bones- sprinkling calcium makes sense to this irreverent gardener.
This slow release fertilizer is rich in phosphates, encouraging plant sugars to metabolize right down to the to roots' tipple-toes.
Because I have invested in the soil, I have the reasonable expectation that the garden will provide more wealth to share with me, my friends and neighbors.
Last night I was at a public meeting regarding the proposed new Los Angeles NFL Stadium. A former public official got up and proclaimed, " I believe in spreading the wealth. " followed by approximately what is in it for us?
It isn't that I don't think we deserve benefits from a facility being built in a neighboring community. We will be affected by it and we should expect it to be respectful and generous to the neighborhood it is moving into. However, it does take a little bit of gall to demand specific benefits from something you are not contributing to.
If I don't hoe, weed, fertilize, seed and water- my garden wouldn't give me much. If we want something for the stadium- we need to think about what we are able to give, articulate it- and follow through. So it is in the garden. So it should be in life.

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Anonymous said...


I couldn't agree more!! You are so right about the gall of that woman standing and demanding that several surrounding cities received a % of the price of each ticket! What?? I was embarrassed for her and for Diamond Bar! We should not expect something in return for which we did not contribute! With that being said, it is obvious to those with an open mind that our city as well as surrounding ones will reap many benefits from the stadium and businesses there.
I had to chuckle when you told of the gift for Gerry's birthday! Maybe I need to give John some of that to make his garden once again productive!!
Your flowers are lovely as usual!
XO Trisha

Lydia said...

The neighboring communities will be affected by the development, which is why the law requires we are heard. Without consideration of the impact upon us- there is no project.
With that said, I think there is misunderstanding about the proper role of Caesar in spreading the wealth. My belief is that it is usually best done by individuals out of good will and their interpretation of the good it will do. Not forced through taxation at the level suggested is appropriate by socialic government values.

Do have your husband start layering on some amendments on your old garden site. Let them mellow in.