Thursday, October 30, 2008

Magenta Mornings

The promise of the day is in the autumn sunrise.

On Magenta mornings, the glory of the day rises, coloring thoughts with optimism.

You are cordially invited to grab a glass of ice tea, apple cider- whatever refreshes your smile- and read about the autumn view from Sue Maxwell's front porch.

I've never met her in person- but from the words she sends over the Internet- I know I like her. You will, too.
This is the link:
This rose is a classic with a naughty name- Sexy Rexy. Surrounded by red Valerian (it must have been a guy who named it "red" because every woman knows that is a deep pink!)
Thank you to photographer Gene Sasse of Alta Loma for the top photograph. Popular Woodworking just gave his artbook on master woodworker Sam Maloof a great big positive salute on their blog. Read it at


Loving Annie said...

We have just had GORGEOUS sunrises and sunsets lastely, haven't we ?

Lydia said...

Absolutely. And the clouds get bonus points for giving up a little rain this morning. Yahoo!