Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bring It Home

A thousand shades of green. Skies the color of molten silver. Air-cool and moist. This aura of a fairytale forest is what I hold dear of Oregon. How do I bring that home to my Southern California garden?

My fairy godmother must have sent a hint to the wonderful folks at Iseli Nursery. The wholesale grower in not-at-all Boring, Oregon made it easy for us lucky enough to meander their paths during the GWA Symposium. They packed up the cutest gift bags with a quintuplet of sampling saplings. The nursery was so thoughtful- they provided individual phytosanitary permits (plant passports). Yahoo! I could legally import the diminutive forest over the California border. THANK YOU.

My little forest is officially adopted now that it is planted in a Malaysian Bowl from Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar. An African Violet adds color. A lawn of sheet moss prevents run-off from becoming a miniature mudslide.
When times are troubled, souveniers such as these are not just things. They are memory keepers. When I look at these plants, I won't just remember lectures and plants. I will think of kind and knowlegable people who shared a wonderful week in this life. And I will smile.

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