Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Go Clubbing!

Meet Amy Sitze, Executive Director of the National Home Gardening Club (NHGC). She is holding up a copy of Gardening How-To, the perky publication of the organization. If the magazine’s name is unfamiliar- it is because it can’t be bought at the bookstore. It is a benefit of joining NHGC.

I just got off the garden club website- and I have to say- joining the National Home Gardening Club is one of the best values for education, motivation and inspiration in America.

The website is easy and quick to navigate. The information is useful. The ads are enjoyably displayed where they can be perused- not irritatingly in the way of the information like some other gardening websites.

Being a gadget gal, I was excited to find a product review section. One item reviewed was PotLifter: a strappy gadget I tried out with a little skepticism at the GWA Garden Product Exhibition . It made my muscles act like they had been working out much more regularly than I have lately. Yahoo!

This compact device left me wondering “Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?”

I LOVE my BIG pots. But I always stress before they have to be moved. There is the worry that a pot will slip: the finish might chip. Or not just the pot: my helper or I could slip and break. But now that Santa is going to wrap up a PotLifter for me, I’m looking forward to one of the heavier jobs in the garden.

To learn more about NHGC go to http://www.gardeningclub.com/Main/default.aspx

The PotLifter can be seen and ordered from http://www.potlifter.com/

GWA stands for the Garden Writer's Association


Lydia said...

Thank you to Kaaren Davis of PotLifter who sent the picture of what the device looks like in use.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the photo and kind words! It was so nice to meet you at GWA!

A note to anyone who does want to subscribe: If you decide to be a member and get the magazine, and you don't wish to receive special offers and other marketing materials, please wait until you get your membership materials and member number, then e-mail memberservices at gardeningclub dot com and ask to be removed from all marketing lists. Just a tip for those of you who like magazines but not lots of marketing mail! :-)