Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thee White House Comes Through

Thee Anaheim White House Restaurant is doing something nice for its neighbors. The people have shared their good times: when the Triangle Complex Fire struck without warning...
Below is the email sent to the clients of one of Orange County's fine Seafood and Italian Restaurants. While the offer is only through tomorrow, its intent will stay with me. Please join me in supporting a business that understands their responsibility to the community. Not just in good time. Not just when they are rolling in money. But when it is needed. For we are all in this life together.
Many of our loyal customers live in the local area and our hearts go out to those effected by the recent OC fires. You have supported us all these years so we are trying to help you out this time. Beginning tomorrow, Sunday November 16 until Friday November 21 we are offering free pasta to those who lost their homes. If you reside in one of the areas effected by the recent OC fires, join us to receive a complimentary plate of pasta.

The pasta will be served from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Sunday, November 16 thru Friday November 21 Only. Please call to RSVP to (714) 772-1381 or make an online reservation..
The restaurant is located at
887 South Anaheim Boulevard :: Anaheim, California 92805 :: Tel (714) 772-1381

The top photo was taken by Jody Schmalz from her home in Yorba Linda as she was being evacuated. The gentleman, friend and Realtor, Roy Rhino. arranged to share. Hugs and God Bless You Both.


Constance said...

That was a nice gesture for them to make. A decent, caring thing for a business to do - and sets a good example in times of crisis, like after these recent fires.

I went there once years ago, but was very disappointed. It had been written up so highly, but was quite run-down in appearance, and the food and service were just average at best.

Lydia said...

Good morning, Annie! Thanks for the heads-up. I might have had impossible expectations without the quick review (and you are the best at honest oversight of all aspects of hospitality).
How I look at it is this. Businesses are like people- they have bad days- periods of time when they aren't at their best. Perhaps it was just one of those times. I know the older I get- the more challenging it is to keep up the appearance.

Anonymous said...

You might want to check out a restaurant review from the OCR some time ago. If Loving Annie was there several years ago, the ownership has changed and the OCR gave a very positive review of the new owners and Chef. They've spent moolah sprucing it up, etc.


Lydia said...

Outstanding! Nothing better than to see something hobbled by time brought back to life by someone understanding how to work with good bones. True of gardens, restaurant and people.