Friday, May 15, 2009

The Birthday Tree

By George C. Hill

It only blooms on my Birthday !It is a 13 foot Pineapple-Guava Tree. Actually, it is a bush trained to be a tree. I have always enjoyed what God can do. As a child, I always spent the entire summer at a YMCA Summer Camp in the deep forests. As I am a Heart Patient, I have realized several times, my being a mere mortal.

I have my tree right outside my kitchen window. It only comes to bloom on my birthday...May 6th. It starts to fill up with bloom pods about a week before... and then...on May 6th... It comes to a full bloom all over the tree. It lasts for a week... then it is gone for a year. I have accepted the timing and believe that the good Lord is letting me know that if I behave myself, He will celebrate another year, next year, on my birthday.Yes ! There is a God !

God Bless, "Gator"

Friend and reader, who gave permission to reprint this lovely note.

Photo by Gene Sasse. Used with permission.


Anonymous said...

How spectacular is that! By golly, it does sound like God loves you Gator!
Guavas are interesting fruit. Don't particularly like them, but they make good jelly. The blooms are beautiful!
Oregon Sue

Frequent Traveler said...

Happy Birthday, Gator, and may you continue to bloom each year with life !

Anonymous said...


Somehow he must have sent that just to you because I didn't receive it. This morning he wrote and asked why he hadn't heard from me in awhile and I told him what I have been up to lately! Busy busy busy!
I loved that piece. He is a good man and I believe that God is looking out for him! Beautiful picture!
XO Trisha

Anonymous said...

Lydia, how lovely that Gator shared that story with you and thank you for posting it along with the picture.

And now to you George Hill (Gator), I sure didn't know you had had a birthday recently so please accept my belated congratulations and my prayer is taht God will give you many many more!

Judy Duvall
Seal Beach, CA