Sunday, May 17, 2009

Letter Appreciation- I

Time to exercise the gratitude muscle in the region of the letter “I”

Ice- The ultimate luxury in warm climates. On a hot day, my puppies love to chase miniature icebergs afloat in their water bowls.

Iris- Even when not in bloom, these are green exclamation points in the garden.

Ireland- Land of my father’s- father’s father.

Intuition- Which whispers the spark of genius awake

Imagination- The greatest talent which cannot be taught- but must be harnessed to be useful. The collaborative imagination of this nation is the tide on which this nation rose.

Intimate- My favorite type of garden does not tell me it knows the rules of propriety. It shows me it knows the gardener, and that they are in love with each other. Deeply.

Intelligent discourse- To lecture is easy. To engage thoughtful conversation that will lead to good- that is talent and something to be striven for.

Immigration- That generation after generation, people leave their homelands to come to this nation, is proof of this being a land overflowing with goodness.

Jack Ingram. This man is emblematic of why I am drawn to country music. His music wraps up stories about life in poetry and gives it as a gift to the fans. Country musicians uplift other artists. In August of 2006, there weren’t more than a couple hundred people at the Whiskey in LA when 16 year old Taylor Swift thanked Jack Ingram for letting her open for him when she was even younger. Next time I saw them, Jack played before Taylor. Her upcoming headliner show at The Staples Center is sold out.

Your turn. If you live near the latest epicenter- it will take your mind off the shaking. Stay safe and be well.

The photo of Jack and Taylor from the Whiskey are from my personal collection.

The other images are by Gene Sasse. Used with permission. The hotlink to his site must be down from earthquake, but please drop any post where his work is featured. You should be able to link from there.


  1. Ok, here goes.... I (snicker) love ICE cream and IRISH coffee and INVITATIONS to INDEPENDENCE day parties. INHERITANCE is good, as well as being an INDIVIDUAL. INDIGO is a favorite color. IBIS are INTERESTING birds. I use a lot of INK in my printer. Some day I will go to ITALY, IDYLLICALLY I will be drinking wine and watching bocce ball. I like the words IAMBIC pentameter, as they are the rythm of a line of poetry. And lastly, my old boyfriend had an IMPALA.
    Fun L!
    xo Oregon Sue

  2. Lydia, your blog today is just exceptional! Enjoyed every distinct word and photo. In fact, I'm going to quote you on my FB afterward! The statement: "Intelligent discourse- To lecture is easy. To engage thoughtful conversation that will lead to good- that is talent and something to be striven for." I think Gator will give you a pass on the use of the preposition at the end! Tee hee!

    Your devoted fan,
    Judy Duvall
    Seal Beach, CA


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