Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home as Habitat

The article on Eagle's Nest House in Sedona is filed. Captions complete. The invoice sent. The next assignment was pulled from the folder, information to sculpt the next story was formed and is now in the hands of the customer for approval. Before I check to see what is next in the queue , I would like to take you on a special preview tour to show you why you want your very own copy of the 2009 Summer/ Fall edition of one of the most beautiful and inspirational magazines on the market, Western Art and Architecture.

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Be prepared. Gene Sasse's photography will transport you to Sedona. You will be awed at how he translates onto a flat image the brilliance of Design Group Architects, who took the dreams of a specific family and turned them into a home resonating with natural harmony.

Eagles Nest is a modern home. One filled with warmth and personality because of the knowledge and thoughtfulness of architects Mike Bower, Max Licher and designer Jennifer Aderhold.

You will marvel at the trinity of art, architecture and the natural world. Gene's images leap from the page with accuracy that make you "feel" the tactile textures which fill the home.

Marvel at this close up of a featured game cabinet as designed by Jennifer Aderhold and executed by John Arenskov. Study how the grains of the different woods in this carved top opens the imagination to visions of running water.

In this coming edition, you will get a rare glimpse of a serious private art collection, learn the names of artists and artisans. You will smile at the joyful celebration of nature.

Some day, I predict students of architecture will study the work of Design Group Architects with the same reverence reserved for the giants of their field, such as Frank Lloyd Wright.

While you can take a chance at finding the edition at fine booksellers, why not drop by the Western Art and Architecture website

While you are there, subscribe.

Top two images are by Gene Sasse.

Used with Permission


  1. Lydia,

    BEAUTIFUL! Gene has certainly captured the beauty and the nature within that building. You enhanced his pictures with your wonderful descriptions. Thank you for sharing.

    XO Trisha

  2. Thank you for writing in. I am getting flooded with private e-mails on this. All I can say is- wait until you see the actual magazine.

  3. What a beautiful home. I'd live there in a heartbeat! Well, if I could take the trees here and on my mountain and all the critters! LOL Gene did a wonderful job capturing the beauty in photos.

    xo Oregon Sue

  4. Oh, the pictures are spectacular. I'm experiencing that nasty sin of covetness. I want to snatch that front door, especially! LOL. Judy Duvall


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