Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer's Sweet Surrender

With nature at its peak it is easy to understand how summer became synonymous with romance.

Sunset. Time slows as daytime fades to evening. This is the first summer for the 'Renae' tree roses to cascade their pink blossoms as if a living bridal bouquet. Posted in large pots, they frame the view. They will never get so large as to block it.

Peer through the 'Betty Boop' Roses and you will see our oldest son, Trevor. Planting a short tree form rose between two standard bushes- their arms lock together to form a nearly ever-blooming hedge for a mom to take a paparazzi shot of the only oldest son she'll ever have.

Except one week of triple digit days, this has been a very pleasant summer. The morning temperature stretches awake from 60 degrees, rising to the neighborhood of 90 degrees.
A sprinkling of worm casings, and the lawn is such a glorious emerald green I can't blame the bunny forsaking the dry brush for the tender lawn.

We had a surprise visitor last week to the garden. A weasel was sneaking around the backyard. I asked it to hold still while I grabbed my camera, but it didn't bother to stick around, marking its travel with its musky scent.

As summer passes, I am spending an inordinate time preening, plucking, observing and thinking in the garden. As much as I want to, as need to. Watching the bees as sage is trimmed and mint pulled in great bunches, I wonder why there is so much worry about bees disappearing- just plant what they love- and they will come. I observe the response of the lawn to worm casings watered in and I wonder how legislators and judiciary don't fall over themselves to get more water to Southern California.

That is what is special about summer. Life is simple. It is easy to fall in love. And to stay in love. Slow down and realize this day will never come again. Press the romance of summer into your soul with the sights and scents that simmer and shimmer under California sky.

Thank you to Tom Carruth for unhesitatingly recommending the Renae Roses for this special situation. They are so ultra romantic!
The taller tree roses are difficult to come by. Growquest Growers are the only supplier I know of with a ready supply-

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Anonymous said...

You do make Summer sound wonderfully romantic. Your pictures are perfect. Trevor is a handsome young man and I love your bunny picture. Thanks for sharing.... Now, enough of this heat. Come on Fall!!! :O)
Oregon Sue, lover of cold weather and rain!