Wednesday, August 26, 2009

H.R. 3200 and Common Sense

Once upon a time, after a candidate's forum for City Council in the Diamond Bar Library Community Room, Gary Miller mentioned,

"Lydia, I don't know if you know this, but we have mutual friends and they say you don't like me very much."
In the two decades since, I learned not just to like Gary Miller; I learned to respect and admire him.
I'm not quite sure when he crossed the threshold from smart to wise- but time and common sense forged him into the right man at the right time on an important issue.

Where TV and Radio blasted feelings meant to frighten the audience regarding "Obamacare"- Congressman Miller sent some simple advice in his constituent newsletter- ask your doctor what it will mean to your family if the bill is implemented.

The Health Care Forum he hosted last night at the Nixon Library was truly impressive. In two weeks, his staff was able to secure comfortable accommodations for the first 700 people to request information or to express concern regarding HR 3200. Those on the waiting list were advised.

Information was ample and organized. The actual bill- where else to find it- and a 5 page fully annotated synopsis of concerns was available. Two doctors advised the audience of what the bill if implemented as written would mean to their most special interest group- their patients. They expressed the belief that it would be a great injustice.

Questions were turned over to the audience by way of a lottery. The intensity of belief of both those in favor or and against H.R 3200 America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 made for healthy debate.

Not everyone left happy. Some people require submission to their position to understand that they have been given a fair hearing. What I require is respect and thoughtful deliberation before coming to a conclusion which makes common sense.

The problem with H.R. 3200 is that it is not common sense that the client base can be expanded and costs controlled without both foregoing medical breakthroughs and access to these. It is so complicated, that people who have difficulty working their way through the current system- it is wishful thinking to think this will open up choices to them.

H.R. 3200 is not accurately named. It is not affordable. It will not expand choice nearly so much as it takes this away. In the rush to Utopia- the simple issues which should be addressed-under-served communities, pre-existing condition exclusions and where we have vast agreement- the solutions to those will be lost in the chaos H.R.3200 will create if enacted.
All photos are from my personal files.
Top is Congressman Gary Miller with Shahina
Second photo- my husband, Gerry is walking
Third- Cropped from larger shot- Trisha and Edda in crowded room
Last- Me- Because Trisha would pester me if I didn't put one in of myself.


  1. Lydia,
    Nice description of the "listening" event by Congressman Miller at the Nixon. The handout material was well put together and informative. We are fortunate that the Nixon Library is in the 42nd CD. It was obvious our Congressman was well prepared to discuss this bill with us and all sides were represented and allowed to ask questions from their pov's. He was prepared to take a question from each attendee. How many clips have we seen on tv where this was not the case? Great presentation by all.

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  3. The legislative class should study our Congressman Gary G. Miller. He studied the bill before he opened his mouth. His opinion is informed: he is not only a disciplined orator- he listens to learn.
    Our government is not healthy when the Speaker of the House acts omnipotent and speaks condescendingly of the people she serves. She doesn't remember the difference between Astroturf and real grass.

  4. Lydia,

    Edda nailed it with her comments. A first class event! I noted all the Yorba Linda police posted around the room just in case. Well, I wasn't surprised that there was no drama. I was a tad disappointed in some from our side who started vocalizing when the first spoke from the "other side". They were polite and did not shout out when our side was speaking. That soon stopped tho and all were able to comment without interruption after that.

    I am proud to know our Gary. He is a class act and was totally prepared and very informative! Loved that he gave us a "handout" with the most egregious parts of the bill to discuss with us. I was very impressed that John Rothrock, Gary's Chief of Staff from DC was there also. I can imagine he was there having spent time in the Brea office helping Gary prepare.
    I was delighted to hear even the Dems comment about how wonderful Gary's staff members are. That tell me a whole lot!
    Yesterday I sent a note to staff members in DC and Brea giving them all kudos. Included the fact that Kevin is getting married on Nov. 21.Remember Kev worked in DC with them for six months. John Rothrock and I talked about that the other night. He has been married only a couple of years now himself.

    Good job Lydia!


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