Monday, August 31, 2009

Fire Season

Yesterday reached 105.8 degrees F in Diamond Bar. We are far enough away that the fires are not a threat to us.
But with the acreage charred, the air quality is what you would expect when the skies are khaki beige. Not good anywhere in the LA Basin.
May God be with those whose lives are on the line for the sake of people they may not even know.

These photos are from Acton, California, by way of 'Oregon Sue'. May your friend stay safe and her property be unharmed.

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Anonymous said...

Lydia and Sue,
Beautiful yet frightening pictures. From one who was evacuated in November I know the fear. I pray that your friends and the people in that area as well as the hero firefighters will be safe. Two heroes died today and I pray for them.

Thanks for posting, Lydia.

XO Trisha