Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love and Gardens

God knew what He was doing, growing a garden to put Adam and Eve, His intended lovers. Their first sight of each other. Their first kiss. Their first taste of each other. It wasn't by accident this all took place in a garden. Gardens don't just grow plants. They grow love.

To garden is to artistically express hope in the future. Seeds are planted in expectation of the coming season. Trees go in long before they cast a giant shadow. See how a young lady's beauty is enhanced as framed by nature. The image is simplicity itself. The foreground is a planting of Mexican Sage (s. Leucantha). A single bold Agave americana 'Marginata' serves as backdrop.

This Valentines Day, the sun warmed Diamond Bar to 79 °. It was a busy day of preparation in my own garden for spring. 400 bulbs are going in the prepared soil this week. But the day will come when it will be time for a break.

The Garden World Social whirl consumes April. This is the traditional High Season for gardeners craving invitations from generous souls who open their gardens to strangers. During these visits will occur a happy communion between those who like to dig and dally with plants and butterflies. Novices will hesitantly try Latin pronunciations on sympathetic ears. Cameras click and pads of paper are sketched with words and diagrams of new ideas to try.

Author Nan Sterman sent this photo to build anticipation of what to expect if you accept this invitation

The Encinitas Garden Festival & Tour is an all day event that includes a walking tour of 20+ private gardens, school garden, nurseries, a visit to the Monarch Butterfly Program, fire station garden, and more.

The Gardener's marketplace will showcase some of San Diego County's best boutique plant growers, photography, garden art and supplies

There will also be talks on all types of gardening topics.

Tickets go on sale March 1, 2010. For more information visit

Thank you to Trisha Bowler for the lovely photo of daughter-in-love Debbie. Taken at the
Terranea Resort on the Palos Verdes Peninsula


  1. Oh Lydia,

    That post was delightful! Of course I LOVED seeing our beautiful Debbie's photo in your lovely garden piece. It fit right in perfectly!
    I thought the picture was so interesting because Debbie dosen't have any streaks in her very dark hair. She says she has highlights in it when the sun shines on her hair. Gorgeous!
    Loved the garden photo too. When you are finished planting those bulbs I would love to drop over and see your garden.
    Very nicely done.

    Hugs, Trisha

  2. My friend Lydia, the "forever the garden optimist" ! Even with the gloom and the rain here and the slurpy squishy ground, God is working his love. The Iris are beginning to push through the remains from the fall. I love Spring. It fills me up.
    Oregon Sue

  3. Trisha and Sue- Thank you for the encouragement. The moment I saw the photo of Debbie Bowler- I knew I wanted to use it. Waiting for permission, Nan sent the invitation to Encinitas and I knew they fit together.
    Trisha- Will call about that garden party. We should have one.

  4. Goodness, I wish I could go on the tour. In my younger days I worked retail nursery and love gardening. The one thing I miss is having a "gardening pal/mentor" to get inspired and learn from. Someone to exchange gardening days with. Have fun at the event and post pictures/

  5. What an exciting Event! It sounds like a fantastic thing to do....20 Gardens! WOW!
    That is a BEAUTIFUL Photo of that young lady and the other pmr, too, Lydia....Such a pretty Garden--in both cases!

  6. Miss Jean and Lady of the Hills- I promise to take pictures. The Diamond Bar Birthday is a conflicting event on the calendar- but they will do fine without me. The garden tours replenish my soul in a way civic events do not.

  7. Lydia,
    Gardens are amazing. I love ,y tiny spaces - they warm and elight my Soul. It's just enchanting to see all that nature can do when nurtured and cherished.
    Enjoy yours to the fullest - I know you already do! A garden is exterior artwork for your home:)

    I think you will really enjoy Marche Moderne when you go. I'd love to know what you think after you go:)

    Cyber-Hugs to you and all those you love.


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