Tuesday, March 23, 2010

De Nile/ Denial

De Nile. Denial. It doesn't matter how you spell it.

It intoxicates. Sublimates with the emotional drug, The Best of Intentions.

Be honest. We've all been there. Seduced by a dream. Held by hope. Running free only when truth cuts through the fog of wishful thinking.

The news today said another volcano is getting ready to erupt in Iceland. I wonder: did the glaciers there melt because the air was warming? Did we accidentally fall into the State of Denial because popular belief blinded us to other, perhaps more truthful fact? Is it possible that ice disappearing was caused more by the ground itself warming?

In my garden- Look up. The Tabebuia trees spewing blossoms. Soon petals will fall, covering the lawn with Easter confetti.

Look to the curb. See Narcissus punching through the lavender, thick with bees. The yellow- lemon fresh just last week, their hue is darkening, like drying paint.

It would be lovely to think I can hold these images still. Deny that change is inevitable. Sweep up the buds to glue them back on the stems.

Better to accept that loveliness has a season. Trying to hold onto something whose season is over- that kind of "eternity" has all the truth of the serpent in the original garden. All the beauty of dead flowers hung with glue.

The good news is- that once we face the truth- we can leave denial. Be better for it.
This is how this gardener sees health care. Specifically Obama care.

Health care for all, is a goal we all wish to reach for. But it is like wanting the twin trees in the front yard to bloom non-stop. If I'm not careful- to reach my goal- the tree will die. As it is better to work with sound facts. Let other plants share the blooming- load.

If Obama care was financially sound- then the mechanism known as the "Doctor Fix" would have been included in the bill passed by the House of Representatives last weekend. Like a husband covering his trail of infidelity, Pelosi subjugated the truth to a little "white lie".

If Obama care was about health care- hiring 16,000 IRS agents with rights to files long protected from even spouses eyes would not be needed to implement it.
To deny these, is to live in denial. Which is never beautiful for long.

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  1. BRAVO! ... and eloquently stated.
    xo Oregon Sue


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