Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yesterday I called a good day to take for granted.

That was my mistake.

To live surrounded by such beauty is a blessing which should never be taken for granted.

I would like to take this moment to thank some of those who helped me create my garden, Abundancia.

My mother, who taught me that any hardship is easier when you are surrounded by the colors and music of the garden.

My husband, Gerry, who turns any project into an opportunity to buy a new tool- installs and keeps the structures and hardscaping far safer than I could on my own.

Our sons, Trevor and Kenny, who provided years of muscle, humor and dogs.

Our neighbor, Dennis, who prevented Diamond Bar from flooding when I forgot to turn- off the water up here. He keeps me in red apple clippings and with his daughters, treats us to home baked goods in exchange for occasional citrus.

Our neighbors, Chuck and Sandy, who tease and encourage this obsession. When Chuck arranged to load a couple tree roses for me from Otto and Sons in Somis: for that he is member emeritus of the Good Neighbor Hall of Fame.

My friend, Glenda, whose exuberance to use gatherings from the garden at home and in the kitchen- inspires.

My friend Edda, head of our private chapter of Republicans and Roses.

This list, like life and the garden, is not complete. But gratitude should not be rushed. It should be savored.


  1. Lydia - Thank you for reminding me that it is past time for me to plant, to weed and to set the stage for a wonderful growing season!

    Your pictures are stunning and inspire me to make a trip to Diamond Bar to witness your amazing creativity firsthand ... and to steal a few cuttings while you aren't looking!

  2. 'Morning Glenda. The garden does keep us busy in California. It is never past time to plant: and never without weeds waiting to get whacked.

  3. Lydia,
    I was sitting here chuckling wondering how the heck you climbed up on your roof to take that first photo!:) How did you do that??
    Love beautiful flowers!! Wish I had the time, the patience and the desire to have a beautiful flower garden but that is John's department around here. The key word is "low maintenance"! Well,that's two words but with the size of this property we have to keep it as easy as possible.
    I love the Red Apple but John is always pouring a killer on it (gasoline) around the edges because it will take over and even cover your house if not controlled! LOL I do have that lovely orange flowered plant. Think it must be in the succulent family.
    Thanks for sharing! Love seeing them all! Looks like Easter at the Plunks! :)

    Hugs, Trisha

  4. 'Morning Trisha. The high angle photo of front yard is from neighbor to North's higher elevation.

    Nothing wrong with wanting a differnt relationship with your personal garden. It is as much fun meeting different gardens as it is different people.

  5. L, Thank you for your kind words by including me on your list for membership in Republicans and Roses. I nominate the Mr. Lincoln rose as our symbol, since it has stood the test of time and weather and has become a true American Classic. For those of you who live far away from Diamond Bar, Lydia's Garden is truly a magical place. I've been privileged to watch her over many years add the magic. I remember seeing the vegetation while visiting her childhood home in Whittier. It's reflected in your own garden, L. Happy Easter....E.

  6. BEAUTIFUL Flowers my dear, and such lovely "gratitudes"...!


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