Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Prescription

Last week is the first time blue birds showed themselves in the backyard. Just to be sure my wild imagination wasn't making this up, they came through again.

Yesterday we were enjoying a breakfast of quiche and fruit salad on the patio- and the first oriole of the season was seen scouting. This is by far the earliest oriole sighting.

This is vacation without leaving home. No traffic. No maxed-out credit cards. No lines. No flight delays. No over-priced beverages of listening to other people making private conversation public on cell-phones.

Create a garden that invites nature in. Sculpt places for wanted wildlife to partake of good food, drink clean water and bare babies in a predator free zone. Be consistent. Beauty can come fast, but it is more important to be consistent and steadfast in good habits. With time, you will reap the rewards of providing a sanctuary of flora for fauna.

The news of the day is the Obama Health Care Bill that Nancy Pelosi carried that BIG gavel in to hit anyone who questions the wisdom of it . While the need for reform is recognized- I'm not an "anything is better than nothing " girl. Details matter. Beefing up the IRS to administer the Health Care only make sense when the true intent of the bill is government revenue collection.

Sanity in a world gone mad is a good reason to garden. Doing so is a prescription for good health not divided by political opinion. Not just for nature. For gardener and garden lovers alike, fleeting beauty is eternal and needs no reconciliation. Beauty is truth is healthy.

Blue Bird by midnightwinter's photostream on flickr

Oriole by Gene Sasse- Used with permission.

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  1. The 'bluebird of happiness'? That'll work!
    xo Oregon Sue


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