Saturday, June 12, 2010

Differences Matter

Not all these roses are on the market. Or ever will be. It's a perk of the profession: These arrived humbly held in the peanut canister. Crystal dressing would not have made them more beautiful. They spent the week on the dining table. Entertaining; beautifying. Living; dying.
Roses are like ideas. The first impression is how they look. Obviously different: all with merit.

The downsides were not so easy to discern. That happens past infatuation.

The second layer of impression is scent. That first inhale- the mind only breathes the whole bouquet as one note: rose.

Inhale. Exhale. Pay attention. What all smelled the same at the start, the nose learns not every rose smells the same. The yellow rose- 'White Licorice'- is named for her candy tinted scent.

Time and attention allow differences to unveil themselves. The results are that some roses will remain standing tall while others wither.

Roses are like ideas. Some hold their beauty better.

White licorice rose is available at


  1. Roses - and all the other living beauties in a garden - are things you can be justifiably passionate about.
    Hoe you are enjoying your roses this weekend, Lydia:)

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Roses. THere is something about them that holds a total fascination for me---the colors, the shapes, the lovely scents---and I even like them after they have dried! A Beautiful Special Flower!
    LOVELY Pictures, dear Lydia.


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