Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Steward

When the Earth yawned awake at 5:40 AM, she faced the sun, bowing at a precise 23.5 degrees. She will hold that pose of respect until 8:06 PM. The summer solstice is announced. The longest day of the year. Lots of sunlight to look around. Refresh by puttering.

Cleaning along the herb path, the tangle of lemon grass near where the rosemary stands guard annoyed the "good order" gene . Until I stopped to tidy it. Only then did I notice the treasure it held:

this baby bird. Almost mature enough to fly off.

The magic of nature is that it lifts our spirits when we slow down.

Discovering the nest reminded how foolish it is to be annoyed with minor dishevelment. Real life is more beautiful than perfect order. See how frail the bird is? Yet it is born equipped to fly free. Its destiny is not to live solely within the nest. The journey will not be without risk; yet it should be taken.

Perfection is elusive. Life is grand. Don't plow through everything. Study your environment. When you find what makes your life good: be a good steward. Let it change you as much as you change it. That is the fulcrum of a very good life.

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Oregon Sue said...

Another 'smile' moment!

Anonymous said...

Lydia, What a wonderful surprise was waiting for you while grooming your garden and the descriptive lush comes to mind when one visits yours. How lucky we are in So. Ca. to have year 'round gardening, although we have 2 distinctive growing seasons. Formal gardens, though very beautiful are rarely described as lush. Let's hear it for the free form variety that offers surprises at every turn. Loved your post. XO Edda

Lydia said...

Yup- 2 seasons: fire and mudslide.