Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Wisdom of the Ant

Go the ant... watch her ways and get wisdom."
Proverbs 6:6

The plains of Wyoming appear desolate. Unless you look closely.

Trevor was looking for a place with enough bars. No- not the type that serve beverages which lead to wearing lampshades on the head. Bars- as in phone reception.

So city boy son hiked to a hill and dialed.

Soon it was *!!@ OUCH, %@!!!.

The hill in the land "Where Antelope Play" was an ant hill. Not little ants wanting to help clean up the cherry pie filling left on the plate after a picnic. These were red ants, big as the scorpions known to trek across our carpet, their game to see how high and how fast a middle aged woman can leap when startled.

Ants know how to fight. When to fight. When to let go. They are selfless warriors for the common good.

Study ants, and learn what wisdom they can impart as they busy by. Professional athletes in team sports will tell you; there is nothing better than winning- but you have to accept loss as part of the profession. Aging athletes are revered when they take their skills and transition away from the limelight. Coaches will tell you when the game is over, shake hands. Review the tapes to learn. Another day will bring another competition. Not the same chance to win. A separate opportunity at glory.

Man is more than an ant. Ants don't have egos. Don't have to take criticism.

Success for people requires more than the recipe of instinct, intelligence and circumstance. In all professions- including politics- contenders must be coachable or they fall away, victims of their own pride.

Image by Trevor Plunk

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Oregon Sue said...

Ants! Yikes. Ants are not fun, along with mosquitos.. wasps... fruit flies... and any number of God's creations I question as to their usefulness. Well, I can see the validity of most, but not of mosquitos and TICKS! Grrrrrr..... Nice picture Trevor. Good read L. xo