Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rainy Weekend

Rosa 'Betty Boop'

Frost lightly kissed the lawn.  Perhaps that is what made this single blossom blush forth.
I read on my oldest son's Facebook page that it is so cold in Wyoming that his cell phone stopped working. To make calls he had to warm it under his armpit.

Ceramic Frog Sunbathing
Every garden should have a touch of humor.  The frog sunbathing in the garden won't conjure any sympathy for how "cold" we think it is today on our Southern California hillside.  

Even though the heaviest rains fell in the dark of night- the psychology of a rainy weekend is that they are made for indoor pleasures. 

Variation in wood color is shown off in Celtic Knot Pen
Even though the heaviest rains fell in the dark of night- the psychology of a rainy weekend is that they are made for indoor pleasures. 

Gerry designed the Celtic Knot pen. The main wood is  Cocobolo- the rare Central American lumber favored by wood favored by firearm aficionados.  Ebony banded in holly wood inserts did not look so graceful until the curves were turned.  

Who would argue that the comfort of home comes from the kitchen?

The first fire was roaring when the perfect trio of foods was served.  Lemon roasted chicken, asparagus with pine nuts served with Cook's Illustrated Spaghetti al Limone is best described as a trinity of flavors. Each dish good on its own- the way they wrapped together- heavenly. 

It must be because Colin Firth is up for an Oscar that I am uncustomarily excited about the Oscars. Rooting for his performance feels a bit like rooting for Secretariat to cross the finish line. Firth elevates every role look with the aura that he was born in the role.  If he doesn't win for his performance- I think I shall pity whomever upsets.

At 2:30 the Red Carpet  walk begins and I am going to appreciate Fashion's Formal Super Bowl on the Big Screen. 

Dinner will look like last night's. With a little help from Williams-Sonoma's Braising Base a nice Angus chuck roast was cut into chunks and seared with a cut up onion and root vegetables into  Beef Bourguignonne par excellence.

Encircling the main dish. A tossed green salad. Crusty bread. Watching from home will be as good as being at the event because slippers are more comfortable than high heels.


  1. The pen is beautiful! Such talent in that Gerry of yours! Of course your meals are to die for. I am drooling all over the keyboard as we type! xo

  2. Lydia,
    Thanks for letting me know what time the Red Carpet starts! Wow! That's early! I am with you and will be rooting for The King's Speech and Colin Firth! Friends on FB seem to agree.
    Hope Natalie Portman gets best actress for Black Swan. Amazing acting!
    Oh your beef stew looks mouth watering delicious! Now I need to go out to the freezer and decide what's easy so I won't be too distracted from the TV! :)

    Gerry's pen creation is gorgeous! Kudos to him and his talent!

    Happy TV watching!

    XOXO Trisha


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