Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Eye of A Storm

Last night an angry sky howled*.   In the darkness nature's tantrum was revealed in thuds and thunks.

One of those inexpensive freestanding solar lights was turned round and round by the wind, causing the beam to reach out like a lighthouse for fairly sized creatures.
It was a good night to stay inside for a movie.

If you haven't seen The Social Network: Do. Even if you aren't on Facebook, you know people who are.

Like it or hate it, our world is ever-changing. Understanding the vehicles and drivers makes handling the road safer.

No journey is ever fully safe. So many of my friends are looking over a cliff of some type. Personal, professional; financial or faith- crisis doesn't always follow. Sometimes it leaps out in front to stare at us like a grizzly bear after spring thaw.
The state mammal, The Grizzly Bear has only lived in California on its flag since 1922
  So often in life it is on the "day of reckoning" that God's grace comes through.Greg Laurie has a wonderful parable on the subject - When Bad Things Lead to Good.

Sheila N. Kee authored this indispensable guide
This morning the first thing site to greet me in the garden was a hummingbird. Flipping open the cover of Backyard Birds of the Inland Valley it was easily identified as a Black-chinned hummingbird. If  it can make it through such a storm in good cheer, so should we.

The scene quickly turned from a solo hove-a-round into what the 60's was called a happening. Birds of every size shape and color are partying.

Think birds now have their own Facebook page and invited their friends here?????

Even in our protected canyon sustained winds over 20mph were pushed about by frequent gusts up to 65mph. This afternoon we will check the roof for any damaged tiles.


Oregon Sue said...

LOL, there you have it...Globalwarmingmyass! Cold winds, snow, birds huddling with the bears...
You just can't count on anything staying the same.

Anonymous said...


Even with our storm last night I feel blessed that we don't live in other parts of the country with their huge piles of snow and ice.

Don't know about your pups but it's near impossible to get little Lola to venture out in the rain to do her business.
We sleep with a window open even during a blowing rain. Had to put a towel on the window sill to soak up the rain that was coming in.
I always laugh when I think of a picture I received once in an email. It was titled something like "The results of a ravage storm in California". It showed a single patio chair laying over backwards. The thought always makes me laugh and feel grateful I live in So. Cal.
Hope you didn't lose any roof tiles!

Hugs, Trisha

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I liked "THE SOCIAL NETWORK" a lot!! A very good film and a great script by Aaron Sorkin, who will most likely win the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar, and deservedly so.....

I LOVE Hummingbirds so much....There is something about them that touches the Heart....!

It didn't storm here the way it did where you are Lydis---I hope your roof is alright, my dear, and I hope today is a better day.

Anonymous said...

You amaze me. Hummingbird flits by and you see enough to identify it as having a black chin? They have chins? Who knew. I love a good storm and last night's was not bad :-)