Saturday, February 5, 2011

From Pyramids to Super Bowl

It was another lifetime. Bazaars, Camels and Pyramids. Staying in a palaces converted into hotels.

It was a time I was confident would continue past when our son's were grown and gone. When I would be free to explore without worry that turning the key upon our return would find evidence our home  had served gig as party central in our absence.  That is how Egypt became just one on a very long list of countries my husband has visited that I have not.

Gerry was entranced by the stark differences of the United States and Egypt. Still, travelers miss the tastes of home. Cans of Campbell soups were FedEx ed for emotional equilibrium. Condensed soup helped ease his homesick state. But we Californians feel deprived without fresh produce.

Photo credit: Gene Sasse
Over a decade later, it is  the kindness of the wife of a local colleague which stands out.  I do not know her name. Just that she went to the trouble to find Gerry fresh tomatoes and green onions safe of local pathogens for Americans to eat. Thank you.

Previously, her husband's business interests called them both to the United States for several months. She explained the cultural divides that would have made my stay less comfortable had I been alone there while Gerry worked. I would have been alone poking about in a country where the vernacular shorthand to describe American women was that we are all like "Madonna".  This was during the wild child stage of  Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone's life.

It was just a local flight away from our home here that my husband may have been greatest danger in the workplace. Feb 16, 1988 I called Gerry's secretary, Lolly Schienle, to see if his arrival home was firm for that night or the next. She suggested I take the boys out to dinner. I should have a glass of wine. Gerry would be delayed.

Fat and happy from our meal at The Whole Enchilada, Gerry calls. During a meeting at TRW subsidiary Electromagnetic Systems Laboratory, he notices out the window SWAT officers with mirrors on the ends of their guns running about. The door on the conference room slams shut. They are told to  hold still. A rejected suitor entered the lobby.  In the building, seven people were murdered.

Today, my husband's commute is local. When he can work from home, he is happy not to have to change out of his Levi's.

Winter color led from restraint by Trumpet Vine and bougainvillea

At home in Diamond Bar, the garden has reached a point of maturity where it is being carefully re sculpted with the care of if it is a Hollywood movie star.

I can do nothing about Egypt but pray. For her people, her government and those of her neighbors. Particularly Israel. I am not so much conservative as I am a realist. Before ordering change, it is best to have some details. The goals and methods of reaching. 

I can however, care for this little patch of earth where I garden. The roses are pruned and ready to spray. The sagging trumpet vine has a support ready to hold her blooms proudly- high enough to walk under.

The Super Bowl, I will serve my husband's desire. Every year he gives me a list - which I conclude he wants heartburn. My headcount for game time tomorrow is 2. His menu reads more like 100.  

Here's plan A of our Menu for tomorrow
Hot Wings, Tortilla Chips and Vegetable Sticks served with
Ranch Style, Bean, Salsa and Guacamole Dips

Rotisserie Beef Roast on
Bread Wraps with horseradish and garlic butter

Spoon Bread

3 Bean Salad

Cheesecake with Cherry Topping or



  1. Great photo of Gerry on the camel and interesting story. I enjoy the beauty from your garden. LOL, at Gerry's Super Bowl menu request. The "Tums" in particular! I'll be over about 2:30!!!! xo

  2. Lydia,
    I am sitting LOL at the last item on menu! Tums! teehee You do spoil your man but if he is anything like my John he deserves it. All my John seems to want is a jar of jallapeno cheese dip and tater chips! Easy to please!
    Living in this renovation mess it's nearly impossible to cook a good dinner but I will see what I can do for my man.

    Oh I had to do a double and triple take at the guy on the camel! lol Didn't relize it was Ger at first. Oh what fun!
    I'm with you re Egypt. All we can do is pray that it turns out well and the radicals don't take over the government which I do believe will happen. We really need to pray for Israel if that happens.
    Love your garden as it is such a serene place after hearing about all the conflicts in the world.

    Hugs and happy cooking for your man!
    XO Trisha

  3. Greetings first responders):-

    My philosophy is: Treat your man well, and he will return the favor.

  4. Lydia,

    That is my philosophy too. I have always said if you show love and respect then you will be treated that way in kind.
    That was the creed I had at the top of the work station sheet for my noon aids at Chaparral. I told them if they treated the kids with kindness and respect then USUALLY the kids would treat them with respect and kindness too.
    Some of the ladies never did "get it" and had so many problems with the kids. I was the mom of four boys so I knew what worked well and used that wisdom at my job.

    XO Trisha

  5. LOL, LOL...LOTS of Tums!!! Wow! THAT is a Menu fit for a Suktan and his Friends....Sounds quite yummu, I must say.

    Eygypt. Prayers and More Prayers. And especially for Israel.

    Those must have beem Heady days, Lydia---Traveling The World! Very scary about the Hostage situation right here, so close to home...!

    I love how you tend your garden, my dear---the love you kavish with such care---And it always pays off in a BEAUTIFUL lush place!

  6. "SULTAN"...and that should ne "YUMMY"....Forgive any and all typing errors my dear...My heart's in the right place---it's my fingers that!


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