Thursday, March 24, 2011

California: Lessons from the Landscape

Cucamongo Peak on Saturday past by Gene Sasse

It's an old joke. Washing the car makes it rain. I guess calling for water conservation does, too. The 10 day repair on the water treatment plant which reduced by half the  water available by tap  ends on the 27th.  Then if an Irish angel is in charge of  precipitation: the rainy season will end.

I'm sorry I didn't put out a rain gauge to report from- it might've metered up a season of rain this week. If the clouds part long enough between storms, we should be able to view from Diamond Bar ridge lines  -a thick blanket of virginal snow draped down the whole of the San Gabriel Mountains- right down to her ankles- the foothill communities.

All this rain and snow. The wildflower displays should be extraordinary this spring.

Walking about open lands, one observes how God gives structure to His landscape where there is no architecture. Such light ventures reboot the memory cells within.  

 Note to self: call to see if these late (for Southern California) snows will delay the poppy displays at Tejon Ranch.

The poppies and lupine: this year I want to do more than drive by. I feel a primal need to walk among them. If you have never done so: it is as different an experience from watching a video with dancing in it versus getting off the sofa to move.

To experience the glory of God in His natural garden is enriching, enlightening and energizing. 

Thank you to Glenda Bona for permission to reprint last 2 photos from 2009 visit to Tejon Ranch. Now a docent, with good fortune, she will be my guide.


Oregon Sue said...

I like what you said about God "giving structure to His landscape where there is no architecture". Lovely pictures too. I have walked in the poppies up on the Grapevine and it's spectacular. Any more rain here (and it's started again) I'm going to rust! xo

Lydia said...

LOL. If you start to rust- just pour on olive oil and let us know how it turns out.