Saturday, March 5, 2011

Leadership in Crisis 1776 and 2011

"It seems to be a law of nature, inflexible and inexorable, that those who will not risk cannot win."

Captain John Paul Jones

Memorial to first American Naval Hero in Washington DC
America's first naval hero was an immigrant. Born in Scotland, the fifth son of the gardener at the Scottish estate Arbigland House, John Paul Jones is a role model beyond his lifetime. 
 A few views of  the Abrigland Estate
From humble beginnings he sought his fortune on sailing vessels. Unhappily, he served on a slaving vessel- leaving at his first opportunity.  In Jamaica he arranged for passage back to Scotland on a brig. When the  captain and chief mate both took ill and died,  John Paul, being the only seaman aboard who knew how to navigate, took control, saving the lives of surviving crew of 7. 

When his brother died leaving him property in Virginia, the seaman came to Colonial Virginia, with the intent to write poetry. However, it was the dawning of the colonial revolution and he enlisted in the service of his adopted homeland. 

 The standards and traditions John Paul Jones brought to the Navy live to this day. I remember from elementary school lessons. As I recall

No man should ask another to do what he will not do himself.

Times are  tough in California. We are having to face the results of decades of governance by wishful thinking. We need heroes. Good men and women to serve who are willing to share in the sacrifice needed.

Leadership is What leadership does. 

I am requesting the complete list of Senators who in this time of fiscal crisis have given up a couple major perks: the state car and gas card. This is one of those requests which must go by snail mail.

For now, I can tell you that Bob Huff (R, CA 29th District) deserves respect for turning in the state-paid car and the gas card to the people of California. There would be allot less cynicism about government if the legislators show they are willing to take action for the greater good.  
Bob Huff speaking on the importance of Mothers

Whose leadership do you admire and why?


  1. Very interesting about Mr. Jones. Thanks. We have a great Congressman here in Oregon, Greg Walden. He is showing his stuff in Washington by helping reduce spending and getting the Dems to agree. THAT is leadership!!! xo

  2. Lydia,

    What a good blog this is. Yes, our Bob is a true leader as is our Congressman Miller. Why is it that it is the Republican leaders who show such leadership?
    Glad Sue in Oregon has one of them too.
    We are proud of our Mr. Bob and this is the reason I campaign for him year round as well as for our Gary too. I come to their defense often if there is anything negative said about either.Facebook is an excellent way to do this and many will read.
    Enjoyed the story of John Paul Jones too. Wondered how you were fitting in the two heros in the story. Good job!

    Hugs, Trisha


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