Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Watching like a Hawk

Watching like a hawk. What does that mean exactly?  

Look carefully on the lower branch, just above the center right quadrant.

And you will spot the Cooper's Hawk that is settling in.

Observing him from my study, where I spent the vast majority of the day, I have decided that hawks are fonder of inspecting than being inspected.  For at every crack of glass or attempt to sneak around the side to get a good image- he dove over to a tree further in the canyon.  Only to come back when I wasn't paying attention- seemingly to inspect me at the keyboard throughout the day.

It is just out of camera range in the top two images- our grapefruit tree just outside the lawn on the far north corner of the upper garden is bursting with flowers. The air is  spritzed with their citrus perfume. The scent so powerful it wafts with no breeze from the single tree all the way to the patio door. Which I left the screen open to until a 2 foot long alligator lizard wriggled into the sliding door track.  Its snake-like action held ol' Tahoe's attention for quite a while as it maneuvered its way free to hunt whatever bugs lurk about the garden. Which with all this greenery and mostly organic controls- it is obvious how the reptile got so long and fat.


Joan Bolton has a lovely post on orchids up today. As these bloomers on the front porch attest, I have achieved a certain level of success. But God made human beings to be slightly dissatisfied. He knows we need that motivating yearning.

Joan's post leaves me hungry to learn more. To earn more bounty and beauty with what I already have- but with a bit more expert's knowledge stirred in. By reading books with the same attention the hawk gave me today.

Wishing you Godspeed and Good Fortune-


Anonymous said...


How cute your hawk friend is! Was he watching you like a hawk? :)

Since we both back up to the wilderness we do get all kinds of wildlife in our yards and even those that try to come into the house! Ohhhh I have had some scary stuff in here but even scarier stuff out in the yard!
LOVE the orchids! I think they might be my favorite flower, next to the roses!

Hugs, Trisha

Anonymous said...

Your cymbidiums are blooming in March? They're gorgeous, Lydia. You already have the touch!

Oregon Sue said...

Hmmm... your hawk looks like a quail. Think I'll save the photo and bring it closer and lighter and send it to you. xoxoxoxo