Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Shower of Blessings Continue

With pre-festivities finished at Shannon's condo, (Mother-of-the Bride) Jeannie Morris grabbed her oldest daughter and a friend to set up ahead for the girl-party's move to George's Greek Cafe .

Middle sister, Tracy was the designated driver for the rest of the females.   The handful  of mid-afternoon regular customers who braved the rain storm outside, sent us up the stairs  with high-fives. 

The room where we continued to shower Shannon with blessings was  as enchanting as a picnic.  A row of  miniature potted daisy- like flowers sharing the center of the table with an assortment of red, white and sparkling wines to toast Shannon with.

Take a close gander at the tight buds in each arrangement. They aren't roses.... They are


....thongs twizzled on a stick. Aka "Why bother?" The colorful - stretchy- lacy thingies definitely got the gals to giggling.

Aunt Billie can be counted on to take a party up a notch):- She was quick to demonstrate her aim. The rafter was soon festooned in pastel undies like flags at a car lot.

Floral crown hand made with love, by mom
Jeannie decorated the headband with flowers from her garden.  A quick check of  the floral lore revealed that for a bride, roses speak of "cheerful love" and orange blossoms say"Your Purity Equals Your Loveliness, Innocence, Eternal Love."

The space filled with love and laughter- and in the tradition of all momentous occasions- the feasting began. 
The saganaki alone is worth the trip!
 The Menu

Battered and Fried Greek Kasseri Cheese, Flamed at the Table with Brandy, Finished with
Kalamata Olives and Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice and served with Pita Bread


Choice of Shaved Beef/Lamb or Chicken cooked on a spit served with Pita Bread andTzantziki

Kabob Style Chicken served in a Pita with Tzantziki, Tomato, Cucumber and Red Onion 

Pasta, Spiced Ground Beef, topped with a Creamy Béchamel Sauce

This special cake- the flavor of cheesecake with a ribbon of raspberry and fresh coconut in the icing is why I got to take home all the


The only thing missing for the ultimate Greek pre-wedding celebration- the breaking of the plates.

Which while planned, our neighbors downstairs came up and took care of.  Maybe just a few seconds prematurely- here was still a bit of pasta still on my plate when it was "sacrificed" to the floor. If I weren't laughing so hard I would have asked, "How much did my husband pay you to do that?"

The smile on the busboy tells you all you need to know about his tip):-.

Sister Kelly okay'd sharing these images from Shannon's last single adventure in Las Vegas. 

As singer Jack Ingram promises. What happens on the road, goes on the Internet):-

The White Night

(L-R) Kelly Morris, Lauren Upper, Shannon R Morris , Maggie Stevens , Brie Johnson, Sarah Maxwell, Gwen Parlee, Billie Plunk, Julie Stallworth-Robinson and  Tracy Morris

The Long Beach, Lakewood and Belmont Shore locations of George's Greek Cafe are listed here.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

It looks like a Good Time Was Had By All!!! Lots of fun, and great food, too!

Oregon Sue said...

OMG, all that Greek food... I'm drooling all over my keyboard! How fun. So good you captured it all! And it appears one of my relatives attended! (Sarah) LOL xo

Lydia said...

Good morning early birds! There is enough sadness in life- guaranteed. When one has a chance to celebrate- we ought to go for it.

Anonymous said...


WOW! What a GREAT blog today and yesterday too! LOVE the personal stuff! Nothing like the girls celebrating with the bride-to-be. I love it that you labeled the photos. I had Aunt Billie being Shannon's sister in my mind so the labeling straightened that out for me! lol
What a wonderful menu! I have never had Greek food but it sounds scrumptious. What baffles me is how a restaurant can keep enough plates in the place! Do they smash them after all the customers eat? I don't understand that custom. Do you happen to know WHY they do that? Maybe in the "olden" days there was no way to wash them??:)
Loved all the gals in white in LV. I was thinking you had to be a gorgeous blonde to be included but then I did spot one brunette.
Thanks for sharing! That was fun!

Hugs, Trisha

Lydia said...

Hi, Trish. Smashing (just a couple) plates appears to be a celeratory cymbalic note.

At a movie- version wedding- Kenny and Shannon would both have ribbons from headgrear to tie together at ceremony.

LOL - I'm having trouble with the visual of Kenny with ribbons in his hair):- Except it would so please the ladies he just might be a good sport about it.

Yep- Brie and I are definitely in the minority. She's a WONDERFUL energetic girl- so I hope I have more in common with her than hair color.

Anonymous said...

OMG, here I thought you were going to say you went to Papadakis in San Pedro. Very famous for the breaking of the plates and belly dancing, too.

Here I live in Seal Beach, probably 2 miles from Georges and have been passed it thousands of times and never been in there. I think bff Carol and I will hit it on Friday when we go to 2nd St. Beauty for their annual 25% off sale. Now big question, what to order for lunch. Suggestions appreciated, Lydia.


Lydia said...

Hi Judy- Thought this was your neighborhood. EVERYTHING was killer-good. I would say though, I have been trying to find Kasseri cheese since we got back- I want to try flaming cheese on Gerry.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lydia for the wonderful blog! We had a great time with you!! Can't wait for the cruise, more smashing of plates and peeing in pants...haha!! Xoxo Shannon

Lydia said...

Shannon- This is a delightful surprise visit!

Let me know if I should pack Depends):- For other, older guests, of course.