Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garden Blooming Blog Day (s) 2- May 2011

Where did we leave off? Here. With her New Zealand heritage, the innocent pink 'Sexy Rexy' rose gets a bit more confident as she reaches maturity.  Shy in her youth, Rexy  is  worth waiting for her to come of age.   

 I do need to look up the import tag on the roses trained against my husband's shed.  

'Jackmani' clematis  drapes like a silk shawl over the shoulders of the tall British beauty, Scented geraniums shade the feet of the rambling vines. Which fits the- more- the- merrier attitude which draws in butterflies and hummingbirds, who enjoy this garden as their personal year-round resort.

Something I learned to love from too infrequent trips to the UK is that even the most utilitarian an area deserves to be set amongst beauty.  Such detail is the difference between good and great: the horticultural equivalent gesture of "doing" what is right even where it is not likely to be noticed.

There's not much in this corner of the yard besides the hose and some watering attachments. The magenta bracts of bougainvillea and kumquat fully colored up  make hand watering a desired occupation just for the joy of taking out and putting back up the hose.

The weather vane is turning as clouds pushed through our valley.  The 'Graham Thomas' is tall enough to give new meaning to the term "tree rose."

Clusters of "Ballernia' roses do not seem to mind that the neighbor planted a tree which now shades this former hot spot.  
 If scent is not a major feature of your garden, you are missing out on one of the great joys. Carnation (dianthus) was tucked in a narrow spot at the base of a pot.  It's spicy scent fills tour little porch- guaranteeing smiles whenever the front door is opened to guests.  

Now is time to read and rest.  Tomorrow is another day. Perhaps we can finish the garden tour then. 


  1. Oh Lydia, your garden inspires me, however the thought of how much work you constantly do to achieve those spectacular results --- does not! LOL. I just would like the results without any of the work. Fat chance, eh? ;-)

  2. Opps, meant to sign my anonymous statement above. Sorry 'bout that.



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