Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garden Blooming Blog Day (s) Closing

Another day another rabbit.

Fragrant 'Betty Woods' Daylily blooms at the same time as the 'Jackmani' clematis.  It's your choice if this purple and gold is fitting salute to the LA Lakers (who adopted these colors back when I was in 6th grade aka 1967) or for Diamond Bar High School.

This soft pink flouncing rose is so delicate and feminine. I promise to find the Peter Beales receipt to properly tag my British beauties. Search to see if any made it to sale in the US.

Evelyn. The rose who is the source of scent for the Crabtree and Evelyn perfume by the same name.  The first English rose I ever planted. A bit of a magnet for disease- the fragrance-planted at the front curb, in full bloom she casts her spell all the way to the neighbor's mailbox. 

The view to the outback.  The white clump of flowers is the Matalija Poppy. Rain is expected tonight, Again- ttomorrow.  As soon as the journey is safe- I'll see if I can't catch a close up view of the pride and joy of  foothills and canyon lands. If you have sun, room and want little maintenance with bold impact- This is your baby.  

A thought on Visions of Paradise. So many versions tug at hearts with different songs- but at the center of it all- isn't there a garden with plants in every one?


  1. As always, your garden is heavenly. LOVE the bunny!!! xo

  2. Oh for a 'singular bunny.' Here in LW, there are just too prolific! Constantly eating in people's gardens and leaving their deposits for us to clean up. Fortunately, my patio is enclosed, unlike most others!

    The rest of the pictues were beautiful!

    Seal Beach

  3. Hi Sue and Judy. Thank you for stopping in and expressing your thoughts on bunnies.

    The longer I live the more I understand why the French grew so fond of cooking them.

    Not there yet, But closing in.....

  4. Lydia,

    Don't know how I missed this one but do occasionally check your blog link to see if I have missed something! lol By golly I did!

    Love the bunny but I wonder if they are more of a pest that gray squirrels. We have plenty of those.
    Always love seeing your lovely flowers!

    XO Trisha

  5. All so very BEAUTIFUL, Lydia....Your Garden is so ,ush and full and so very pretty!

  6. Hi.Trisha! Squirrels are rodents, not my favorite classification an animal life. Cute, but only to a certain population level when I start to worry about their drawing in coyotes. One nose to nose encounter with one of those is enough to last this lifetime.

    Morning OOLH- Thank you. On one level, your garden is differentfrpm mine, yet I am struck by how much we both enjoy the wildness of each urban oasis.


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