Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Full capacity- Footing In Times of Turmoil

File:MKGandhi.jpg“Do not undertake anything beyond your capacity and at the same time do not harbor the wish to do less than you can. One who takes up tasks beyond his powers is proud and attached. One who does less than he can is a thief."
-Mohandas K. Gandhi

When it is half-way to Valentines Day and Christmas Decorations still fill the living room, I suspect I have taken on too much. Time to adjust.

Daffodils in San Bernardino Mountains by Gene Sasse

Life is a precarious balancing act, the ground beneath our feet changing from wide walkway to narrow wire without our consent. Sometimes the changes come slowly, giving us time to prepare. Other times, we trip over the sudden change in terrain.

Craggy Summit by Gene Sasse
 Especially in time of turmoil, how we adjust to what to unfairness is a good indicator of mental health. It is imperative that when we least want to, we find the balance towards forward motion. Pacing our plans and actions.

I'm a double- D girl. Not talking about bra size. I have two demons that stalk me: depression and diabetes. Keeping them outside my life is a priority. I am fortunate: exercise works for me.

Working out at Fitness Advantage in Diamond Bar keeps me in what a friend calls "Mighty Mouse" shape.  It's not your typical big box gym teeming with people focused on finding dates or cutting deals. It's more akin in personality to the bar in the defunct TV series Cheers- "Where everyone knows your name." As important- they know their equipment and will work with you to make your journey to better health quick and lasting.  

Syliva Galleli - who co-owns Fitness Advantage with her husband Kelvin Pruenster centers the business on a holistic approach. Getting healthy starts from the inside out- then layering it with the fun stuff- where the improvement comes from the outside in.

The climbing photo was taken when I was in training in Pasadena. A rock climbing adventure anticipated that summer. When the instructor at the practice wall  wall broke her ankle- while standing at the bottom- I decided that God may have wanted me to be in shape to go mountain climbing- that doesn't mean he wanted me to actually do it):-

The last several months have been like living in the center of a perpetual hurricane. Watching the turmoil taking loved ones hostage. I confess: at times I am fearful  of how long I am protected.  Moving my own health to the top priority spot kept my spirits off the floor.

In my youth I would have been angry that "life" was intering with my projects and plans. In particular, my husband is a good man- a man who worked long hours with uncompromised integrity. His family is athletic. He is not deserving anything but GREAT health- and the continued runs to the hospital take a toll on everyone who loves and admires him. It hasn't been the smoothest recovery- but recovery it is. 

We are fortunate that in the very few times the service of a medical provider did not meet our expectations - we have the opportunity to go elsewhere.  The Republican candidates who took Mitt Romney's words out of context this week on this subject - I am done with you. There is a reason people hate politics- and on behalf of everyone who has either wanted to fire a doctor but had not options- go away. Come back if you grow up.

 In youth, in times of great anger and hurt I was known to lash out with my tongue. Or my pen. Or otherwise "bad behavior".  A life of just enough mistakes has taught when vengence is paramount, wrath makes a victim of truth.  "Slow down" was probably the best advice ever given me. Even if it took hearing it more than once for it to sink in.

 As written in the the first Epistle to the church at Corinth in 1 Corinthians 13:11 

"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things."

Thrasher by Gene Sasse

And so every morning, I open with a prayer. Thanking God for just one more day in this personal paradise. Three decades of wife to Gerry and mother to Trevor and Kenny.  All else is secondary to the joy these three men have honored me with.

Opening quote courtesy of the Kingdom of Organization- Franklin-Covey  
Fitness Advantage
1249 S Diamond Bar Blvd
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Phone: (909) 396-0309


  1. Dear Lydia. I hadn't thought how hard this recovery would be for your dear one when your family is so athletic. But what a vivid reminder of the precariousness of life. One phrase I saw on a friend's tabletop reminds me to hang on to God: A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn.

  2. Good post Lydia,

    Your words reminded me that I really need to remember to thank the Lord each and every day for the wonderful life and family he has given me.
    I pray for Gerry's recovery and patience for you.
    Oh I do soooo agree and am so disappointed that one of our own candidates would so blatantly take out of context the "I love to fire people" remark by Romney. He was talking about health insurance and if you aren't happy with your insurance then you can FIRE them and go else where! It's called FREEDOM. He meant he loves to be ABLE to fire them and look else where! Well, if he is the nominee it will get much worse in the general. I just wish in politics that innocent words weren't twisted all out of shape! Yes, I love politics because it's what runs our world but sometimes it just makes me MAD!!

    Hugs and take your time taking down those Christmas decorations! :)

    XO Trisha

  3. I heard somewhere that it was Good Luck to leave your Christmas Decorations up till Valentines Day....(lol).....
    Praying for your dear Husbands recovery, my dear...There always seem to be some Rocks In The Road Of Life.....
    I like Ghandi's words, very very much.

  4. Nikki. Trisha and Naomi. Thank you for the kind words and moral support.

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  6. Lydia, I know full well how you've been through it as of the past many months. Remember that the Bible says, God will not give us more than we can bear. Thus, you are one very strong woman whom I've learned much from in the past several years. And as you are much younger than me, I remember another vs that says, "--- and a child will lead them."

    Prayers for you, Gerry and the generalness of it all.


  7. Judy- My inner child thanks you ):-


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