Monday, May 21, 2012

I married a MacGyver~ Eclipse Day in the Garden

MacGyver, the action adventure hero played by Richard Dean Anderson from 1985- 1992  has nothing on my husband when it comes to rigging up parts to solve a problem. Like watching a solar eclipse safely. 

The parts I recognize underneath all that blue painters tape include a digital camera, binoculars, cardboard and a part of the shop vacuum.  

Gerry testing his device out in advance of the eclipse.
From the map with more red dots than a kid with chicken pox posted on his Facebook page with where his travels have taken him- he probably has seen as much of the world as the Hollywood  fictional spy was scripted in. Israel 7 times,  he stopped counting Norway trips at 54, Great Britain he visited even more. And those are just a a very tiny portion of Where in the World is Gerry. 

Gerry watching the eclipse in our backyard
Of all the places he's been, where's my globe trotter's favorite spot - why Diamond Bar, California, of course!  

Dennis McCreary, the Civil Engineer next door, came up with his daughter to check out the viewing device. His daughter named this scene "Nerd Central".  What did they see? 

My SLR brought into service to capture the viewer

The shadow of the moon crossing in-front of the sun.   

Now that I've shared the "scientific" part of the day- if I can only get through my list at a decent hour, tomorrow I can catch up posting some of the garden's splendor.


  1. Seeing your Garden as back-drop to Gerry-The Wizard---Well, it looks GORGEOUS! It was a Beautiful day and what Gerry had concocted looks very serious and fabulous...!
    I missed the whole thing, so it is rather a joy to see what you all saw....!

    BTW: That Gate is just Stunning!

  2. Good morning Naomi! Yep- He's kind of like my own personal wizard):-

    I'll post more on the gate just as soon as I get half way caught up!

    As always-
    thank you for writing in.

  3. OMG, only an engineer would go to this much trouble! LOL. Working with them for 18 years and coming home to one for 32 years was enough for me.

    Great providers, but ---- well, you just have to be around them a lot to understand! I'm sure you do, right? LOL


  4. Very inventive of Gerry! And thank you for that view of the eclipse. And a peek into your garden with Gerry in it :-)

    BTW, will there be a story about Lynda's Newport house/garden?

  5. Hi, Judy. Yes Engineers are a breed unto themselves):-

    Hi Nikki- It has been crazy-busy since we went to Newport. Going to go through those photos over the next week.


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