Monday, September 17, 2012

Rosh Hashanah ~ Goodbye to Loveland~ The Benson Scutpture Gardens

L'Shana Tovah to my Jewish friends. We have 2,000 years of shared history and traditions. For those who would like learn more about the Rosh Hashanah tradition of apples and honey, the Huffington Post has a nice little article  which supports how religious tenants carries through no modern nutritional guidelines. May all our lives return to hope and sweetness.  

"BETWEEN BRONCS" by Garland Weeks

Western Art and Architecture had a lovely article in its last issue on care of bronze sculpture. To protect the patina - hand wax and buff like a fine car.  

"OUT OF THE MYSTIC PAST", Bronze by Fritz White 

Cowboys and Indians are not just children games in our family. Both are part of my husband's family history. These ancestors were more into love than war):- . 

Speaking of love- if a card addressed from "Loveland" will tickle your loved one's romantic sensibility, click here.  Every year, the Loveland Chamber of Commerce becomes a sub-station for the US Post Office. 

Not all sculpture has to be bronze. Wind driven art has its own charm. 

Wind driven art, with chimes and lights- wouldn't you love to try it in your own garden instead of the same old scarecrow? 


    And Thank You for The Happy New Year Wishes, my dear....!

  2. Yes, beautiful works!
    I sure would love to have one of those in our garden rather than the little metal windmills that we have now. Actually they serve a dual purpose. Supposed to keep gophers away but one of them has long ago stopped working.


    XO Trisha

  3. "May all our lives return to hope and sweetness"...what a beautiful quote. I really love that.

    Have a very happy new year celebration.


  4. Thank you. Particularly for the lovely Miss Sarah, who wrote in from across the great continent and over the greater pond - from England.


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