Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Heat is On

108.9° is what the thermometer recorded this afternoon in my Diamond Bar backyard. That should be a radio station, not the temperature! It is so hot we almost don't need the gas grill to cook. We could just EVOO-up the sidewalk like relief pitchers do in the Kansas City Royal's bullpen to sizzle eggs.

You have to see the pizza peel my husband crafted from spare walnut and cherry.

The sheen on the peel comes from being buffed in butcher block oil.

The hot weather is a good time to hunt around for little improvements. The painted tin sign, a remembrance from a trip, is so much more attractive now that it is held in the carved frame that repeats the center star tones. Before it was framed- it was just this dark looking hole that didn't do justice to the artwork and sentiment.

Jill at Baxter's Frameworks is a doll to work with. I would say that even if she hadn't let me hang around in the air conditioned store as we checked other framing possibilities.

The trio of Our Lady of Guadalupe™ floribunda roses are loving this heatwave. Amazing how deceptively delicate they appear while bearing the full brunt of late August afternoons in Southern California.

Me- I think this is a great time to be in menopause. How would anyone ever notice a hot flash?

Baxter's Frameworks is trusted with all my framing needs. You can find all their info at

The plant below the framed art is Pothos 'Marble Queen'. The graphic gleaming green and cream leaves brighten up low light locales, such as the nearly enclosed porch.

The lovely and luminous Jackson & Perkins rose is a 'cause' rose- 5% of net sales support Hispanic College Fund scholarships. Available through J&P or through better nurseries.


  1. OK Lydia, I am totally impressed! Gerry's "pizza peel" is beautiful!! I had never heard that term before but when looking at it I can see it's a MUST when you are grilling a pizza! Bet you two will be having that a lot now!
    Love your framed! It was a perfect compliment to the picture.

    I didn't recognize the name "Baxter's" so I was confused for a minute as I knew you have been going to Frame Works. I looked at the link and wow, one in the same!

    I thought Thursday was the hottest day I can remember. Glad I take hormones! LOL

    XO Trisha

  2. I loved your comments re the heat (radio station and menopause) ! Made me laugh. Sorry to say, glad it's you with the heat and not me. We had our share already.

    The pizza peel Gerry made is beautiful. What an artist!

    And lastly, thanks for sharing that gorgeous rose.

    xo Oregon Sue


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