Friday, August 21, 2009

Grilling Pizza is Like Being in Labor

"You don't need a fancy Pizza oven to create great Pizza!! " Last Saturday Cristin Fustano demonstrated each step of barbecuing pizzas, treating the 9 am early risers at Roger's Gardens to a tasty inspiration.

This afternoon I arranged my errands to go past Claro's in La Habra. They stock the BEST Pizza dough, fresh marinara sauce- creamy mozzarella cheese. My eyes swallowed all the cookies in the bakery display- my blood sugar went up just looking at it...

At home, the the 'Betty Boop' roses thumbed their flowering faces at what it is supposed to be their August siesta. They radiate their smiles through the deciduous trees which are living umbrellas shading them. I am green onion deep into Julie Powell's book Julie and Julia - just deep enough that I am getting past her overtly salty language and on to shear pleasure of food.

Pieces of the dough were rolled in extra virgin Olive Oil and stretched until no more thick than cardboard.

Gerry grilled one side until the bottom was crisp- 2 or 3 minutes with the lid closed.

The toasted side is flipped over and brought in to have toppings laid upon it.

Not much sauce. The cases of the Italian sausage marinated in red turned the purple of eggplant. Pepperoni. Black Olive, green onion and red bell pepper. Freshly grated hard mozzarella and slices of fresh were sprinkled with Romano and Parmesan. From the garden, a shredded chiffonade of basil lifted the taste very close to the altitude of heaven.

The pizza is carefully slid back on the grill- the lid is closed until the cheeses are bubbly.

The puppies love it when daddy barbecues- they are allowed to play on the lawn as long as they stay in sight when we see and hear no signs of stalking predators .

The the crust crunches ever so slightly under the pizza wheel I forget for a few wonderful moments that this is not the low-carb eating which made the glucose meter convince my doctor that I have slid down the Diabetic pole to pre-diabetic in less than two months.

Eating Pizza for me is like being in labor. Anyone can do it... Absolutely wonderful... The results are so GOOD... you might want to cry. However, that doesn't mean I would recommend "doing it" too often.


  1. Lydia,
    Is smacking of one's lips at 3:48 a.m. on a Sat. morning allowed? :) When is the Plunk Trattoria taking reservations? I want to be first on the list. Barring that, we'll have to make a trip out to Tom's Farms for their special. One of the best pizza's out there.
    Great post, Edda

  2. I need to look up how to spell Abundance in Spanish or Italian. I've thought that would make a GOOD name for the garden grounds.

  3. its really beautiful blog sydia, i am great to view and read your blog, appreciated,
    i am going to share it on my fb with my friends, hope that they will also like it

  4. Thank you Nazia. I look forward to future visits.


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