Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Summer Social Season

August in Southern California has turned into the social season. Probably because it is too hot to do much else. Unless, of course, one of these parties is at your house.

August is our month to host Mt. Calvary Lutheran's Pinochle club. Having a party is great incentive to polish up a bit. Not just the house. The garden. Because this event is important to my husband, I can also shop a bit more freely before I get "the look".

The morning before the main Victorian feeder came down for rehabilitation, renovation and a fresh coat of paint- there was a bright yellow oriole feasting at nearly the same time as three of the largest scrub jays. The next day, some feathered friends stood on the now barren post, a bit confused as to why their banquet wasn't serving. Not that there isn't any lack of food growing all around. But from their "looks" this is an inconvenience for them. If we want to keep their patronage- we better get that feeder back up soon.

A couple bird baths have become plant stands for succulents, or as in this case, to serve as plant stands for orchids. But the pot never quite looked grounded. So off to Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar for the solution;scoops of tumbled glass in shades of blue and green.

In case any water builds up- a disk of Mosquito Dunk rests under the pot to prevent the spawning of the buzzing biters.

Mosquito Dunks are non-toxic to birds and animals. Ask for them at your favorite hardware, nursery or pet store.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL Pictures, Lydia. I love when the Orioles come....And that is a very clever thing you did with the BirdBath....!

Hope your Party is a HUGE Success, My Dear!

Anonymous said...


Love getting ready for a partaaa!! That's the best motivation in the world to spiffy things up! That's one of the reasons I am having our bunco group here for another gal this month! (Her place is too small and that was the deal we made if she joined as a regular) Feels gooood to have everything beautiful, huh?

LOVE the colored glass in under the pot! Beeeuteeeful!! Love the Oriole too!

Hope your partaaa is as successful as it was last year!!

XOX Trisha