Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clarity Is a Value

I believe in Clarity.

Clarity of water, in intent, and actions.

When things get complicated, step back and ask why would someone push for something which is not as clear as the water in the Sierra's, where water takes on a surreal dimension. The beauty is in its profoundly simple clarity. You can see down into the depths and at the same time see scenery reflected on the crystal clear surface.

Over the years I have found that when political waters aren't clear- the reason often are neither pure nor healthy.

There is a National Park's Special Resource Study, which includes Diamond Bar. Since 2005, my City has objected to our inclusion in the study, which was supposed to be conducted north of Santa Fe Springs- a city which we are decidedly east of. Why we are in the study area is murky.

The National Park Service has produced glossy brochures promising to listen. But four years seeded with wheelbarrows full of taxpayer money, Diamond Bar is still included in the study area over the objections of people charged with planning responsibility.

NPS- if you are reading- listening is not a hollow promise. It requires real reaction. Otherwise all you are doing is patronizing and performing lipservice.

Why? The stated NPS opinion is that the objections are based upon misunderstanding the intent of the legislation. It is appropriate to then question why is the intent hidden so that not our Congressman Gary Miller, our County Supervisor Don Knabe, Senator Huff and our City Officials- all of them misunderstand? That is the evidence of how clear your intent is.

That is all before asking- We have elected water boards charged with protecting water quality, supply and rights. How does adding an extra layer of bureaucracy improve their ability to meet their responsibilities?

Clarity. We deserve clarity.

Photo taken by my oldest son, Trevor, on a recent fishing trip near Bishop, California. Used with permission.

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