Friday, September 25, 2009

September Invocation

Our Father in Heaven,
We welcome and acknowledge You. We pray for gentle rains.

Be in our hearts and minds as we gather to become enlightened in the political process we are so blessed to be allowed full participation in. We pray that we all honor You in how we choose to participate.

We pray guidance for those who govern and seek to govern: from the local school and water boards, our Diamond Bar City Council, right on up through the Presidency. In these dynamic times, grant words of wisdom to us all.

We do not expect perfection. But we ask our leaders to be good and honorable and that the laws they create will not infringe upon what is Your authority. Remind us that solutions are not found just in the bold expert driven plan. In humility, we recognize that in our inclusive society, it is oft that from seeds of simplicity and respect for those who have a different life experience, grow the greatest ideas.

We recognize Your generous blessings to us, the people of these United States. Tonight we thank You for the great fortune that we live in this great Country, where individual freedom is normal. A land where we can assemble to worship freely, or not, according to the convictions of our conscience. Where the exercise of intellect and political conviction is encouraged. Where education is guaranteed. We thank you that we are alive now, in this great time when the content of our character is more important than the color of our skin. A time when men and women alike have equal opportunity to excel. We pray that we never take these for granted.

We ask You to watch over those who are serving in the military to protect us from foreign harm: the military. Watch over law enforcement as the keep us safe from domestic harm. Be with firefighters who by signing up to put their lives in danger for people they may never meet, give us heroes to look up to.
In how they conduct themselves, people who chose public safety as their life path teach us to reach for the courage that is in all of us to do what is right when it is not the same as what is easy.

As is the custom of my faith, I offer this prayer in the name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The text is the Invocation delivered last night at the Diamond Bar Republican Women Federated. In all the reading I have ever studied regarding the thoughts of the Founding Fathers, I have found no evidence that their was ever intent to remove faith from citizen life. I also find the evidence leads to the conclusion they were more concerned with government doing harm to faith than the other way around.

The top two photos are from my personal collection. The young serviceman is my nephew, Juadon Tabor. The fire photo was taken by Jody Schmalz- used with permission.


  1. That was lovely. May I copy it and take it to our Jackson County Republican Women's meeting to share?

    xo Oregon Sue

  2. Absolutely.

    With prayers your way for the fires in Oregon.

  3. If only everyone--Republican and Democrat would truly adhere to these tentants. Alas...that is not always the case, Lydia....Some of the nay-sayers on the "right" frighten me with their intolerance.

  4. Dear Naomi- Thank you for writing in.

    I pray for both major political parties to be strong of spirit so that their ideas are fairly considered by each other and fellow citizens.

    There are nay-sayers on both sides of the aisle. Which serves a purpose (as irritating as it can be when it is blocking something you think is as perfect as it is going to be in this life) because it means the proponents of a plan must better explain their position-perhaps alter it- hopefully for the best.

    What I object to is when a political statement is not guided by the individual's "true north". I find the "bomb throwers" on both sides to be counter-productive because the rudeness creates fear rather than understanding or discussion.


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