Monday, September 14, 2009

The Grace of God

We can plan. We cannot control. Some things are the providence of the Grace of God: Be it good, awful or a mix of both.

This morning I was shocked to open an e-mail from Gene Sasse. He forwarded these photographs of beautiful Sedona with a note from someone there.

These images were captured on an I-phone belonging to
Kimall Christensen at about 4:00 in the afternoon this past Friday.
These words remind me to be specific in my prayers for rain.

" Our collective prayers for much needed rain were heard!
The rain came at a rate of 4" / hour, with accumulations of 2" of hail in places!
No one was injured! "
Disaster does bring us together. The individuals at Design Group Architects came through the storm fine. Karen Pollack in Arizona reported it was dry in Phoenix.
We need rain in So Cal. However, this kind of downpour on the heels of the Angeles National Forest fires would be disastrous for the Los Angeles region.
Photographs Used with Permission

Karen Pollock is a GREAT writer who had to leave the Pasadena Fiction Writers Group because of a minor detail- her husband got transferred to Arizona . Go to her summer posts and see cactus wilting in the heat and lightening hit the earth -

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  1. What a Horrific aftermath that is---That had to be an unbelieveably terrible storm.....I know we need rain here, but I too hope we don;t get ANYTHING like that. So sad.


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