Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love Story

Kenny met Shannon Morris when she was a cheerleader and he played baseball at Diamond Bar High School. Her family moved away. They stayed in touch.

It is easy to guess why my son Kenny loves her. Shannon is so beautiful that she even weeds setting seed look lovely in her presence. But her beauty pales beside her loving kindness.

Thanksgiving evening, with her father's blessing, Kenny got down on one knee and proposed. Marriage. These are from their engagement photos- proof of her answer.

I do not have a crystal ball . No magic powers to tell the future. But of this I am certain.

Kenny and Shannon will be together until death do them part. Through triumphs and tragedies. Sickness and health. Wonderful on their own; together they are spectacular.

May God Bless this couple with long lives, together, forever.


  1. Oh Lydia,

    I am sending my heartfelt congratulations to Kenny and best wishes to Shannon! They do make a lovely couple. I LOVE the photo of Shannon looking thru the fence at Kenny. Her face reminds me of one of the Olsen twins.
    What an amazing dress she is wearing in the engagement photo! So pretty!

    I can imagine they will have beautiful grandbabies for you!
    I have more more thing to say: Kenny, it's about danged time!:):)

    Hugs and love to them both!

    XOXO Trisha

  2. May God Bless Kenny and Shannon on their life's quest. May they always remain in love and work through the tough times.
    I had 33 years with a man I adored, even through the bad times, and each marriage has those. I am in love with him still.

    Kenny and Shannon are a beautiful couple. Love to all of you.
    xo Oregon Sue


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