Friday, July 2, 2010

Chinese Proverb


-Chinese Proverb

Doug Green is a writer's writer. He articulates clearly and provocatively. The current oil disaster in the gulf led him to pose the question: Just how do employees of companies, like British Petroleum, sleep?

I committed to posterity, thoughts which I expect can make me something writers hate to be: really unpopular. But they are that thing which is the Holy Grail of writers: The Truth.

I sent a warning to my morning E-mail group- Don't stand too close in case the politically correct lynch mob comes after me. To friends I exasperate with my independent streak I confessed. I am beyond tired of the cartoonish simplicity this tragedy has been exploited for political points- for viewer and reader ratings.

The lone male, "Gator" popped in with words which deserve to be repeated:

"BP, instead of being castigated at every turn, should be commended as they immediately stepped up and owned up and have stated that they will do anything and everything to cleanup the disaster. Most any other company would wait to give money until the trial was over ! Too bad the Administration has yet to get a grip on the ball."

What does it feel like to say something you feel in your bones is right, but for which you expect to be horrendously unpopular for admitting?

Like the child who cried, "The Emperor has no clothes."

Like a festering boil was lanced and the poison let out.

Like I can now get back to the garden. I have done my duty as a writer.

Let British Petroleum and the crew of individuals, states and nations get to the work they want and need to do. The men who lost their lives out there deserve nothing less than the acknowledgement that we are in this tragedy together.

You can read the actual question and responses at:


  1. Excellent Lydia!

    Being a fan of Gator and his thinking I am so pleased that he expressed my thoughts exactly! He expressed them better than I ever could too.
    I am a fan also of the politically incorrect because it tends to be the TRUTH! What the heck would we do if it weren't for oil companies? Thank God for them and the pox on the administration who would demonize them for political points!
    IF our country had accepted the many offers of help from throughout the world, suspended the Jones Act then this thing might well be finished by now! grrrrr

    Well kudos to you for reprinting Gator's words! Good for you Mz. Lydia! You are a true writer! Also this was waaay more fun than garden writing, right? lol

    Hugs, Trisha

  2. Thank you for writing in Trisha.

    I wouldn't go so far as to say politically incorrect and truth are identical twins. However, poltical correctness must be careful to not cross the line to biggotted hardheadedness.

    The spill is a no-win. It certainly won't be worth the cost. However, the cost can be minimized by focusing on resolution before blame.

  3. Lydia,

    Really gf, you must read what is written more carefully. Here is what I wrote "I am a fan also of the politically incorrect because it 'TENDS" to be the TRUTH!" That's a long shot away from being identical twins.

    Note the word "tends". I believe that in today's society of political correctness the real truth TENDS to be politically incorrect. That's why I like it.

    Well of course this administration would start pointing fingers and playing the blame game because they didn't know what else to do about the problem. The blame game is what they know best.

    Hugs, Trisha

  4. Hi, Trish! We may both be speed reading each other's words.

    The words penned in response were to expound further upon what you wrote.

    You are the best- if I befuddled that fact with any words- I humbly apologize.

  5. Three cheers for Lydia, Gator, and Trish. You guys rock!!! oxxoxo


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