Friday, July 16, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Have you noticed some of the most beautiful skies come with the most beastly temperatures?

Summer finally arrived in Southern California. Yesterday the mercury madly smacked up to the lower triple digits and clung there. Thunder and lightening briefly got the puppies attention before they snuggled on the sofa with dreams of their favorite channel- Animal Planet.

When it is this hot and humid- what matters the actual number? They all translate to beastly conditions- but beautiful skies.

Diamond Bar was more fortunate than "up the hill" - the local euphemism for the high desert communities. No lightening hits here. In Lancaster the storm knocked out power. 1.000 homes are expected to be without air conditioning through Sunday.

The good life is not spared glitches. Today, part of Diamond Bar is on scheduled power-outage for system maintenance. To be planned without electricity during dragon-breath season: I wonder if that section of town lost some kind of lottery.

There is an upside to this weather my husband is fonder of than I. What Chicago winters does for Illinois residents- these days of Mercury Rising does for us. In little gestures, like ice in the dog dish and welcoming our neighbors over to share our air conditioning for the afternoon- we are nicer people for the inconvenience.

Now to pick blueberries before it gets to hot to care if the birds don't want to share with us...

Images by Gene Sasse. Used with permission.


Oregon Sue said...

Nice analogy. Nice photos. Thunderboomers are not fun for the animals. Up here lightening poses a fire problem. Used to enjoy the thunderstorms, but not since living near the forrest. Hope the afternoon goes well for all. Sunday??? for Lancaster. Wow. Poor folks. xo Sue

Anonymous said...

Lydia, Just catching up on several of your posts. Ugh to that creepy crawly as I agree w/your decision to stay in the house!

The irises were as beautiful as the salad looked delicious.

Thanks for the report on the power outage in Lancaster. Think I'll stop now and call my friend to see if she has melted or is still hanging in there! ;-)