Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Love

There he sits, my summer infatuation. The one my husband doesn't mind that he brings out my inner stalker.

"My" Cooper Hawk drops in at brunch. Relaxes on my patio bench with his come-hither stare.

I have never had a bird of prey so patiently pose.

Some day he'll do what summer loves do. He'll leave.

Until then, I am enamored that this sweetheart is fearless at my approach. I dream he'll let me stroke his back before he goes away with some other girl who is more his type. And size. And everything else which goes with compatibility.

Happy hour finds him in the tree.

When he tires of this place, I know. I will miss him. But unlike my first summer love, at least I have photos in remembrance of just how handsome he was.

When life consists of incidents of inconvenience tumbling with real tragedy, I yearn to climb under my desk and just stay there. Then just a glance at what glory I am surrounded by, and in an instance depression lifts and I am filled with gratitude to live in such glory.

Acquaintances think I made this garden. But really, this garden made me.


Anonymous said...

Lydia, you are such a poetic soul. I never tire of reading your blog, however, I highly advise you never stick your hand out to try and feed or pet that hawk. If you do, make sure you wear a very padded, leather glove.

I'm enjoying the bird's nest and the parents that are making such a mess of my patio! Ah summer. Nothing like it.

Lydia said...

I think petting a hawk would require a space suit as I don't think they automatically understand clawing arm worse than my roses do would not be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

My Friend,
I am so very pleased you now have a photograph of your "admirer". Your description of the friendship is perfect......the comparison to "summer love" is sooo true, remembering a "summer love" on Catalina Island.

Lydia said...

Hi Jeanie! One of my all time favorite family vacations was to Catalina. We played golf, waved at Buffalo and swam with flying fish.

Frequent Traveler said...

Your garden was created, promoted and allowed by your love of all things nature:)

Oregon Sue said...

L, loved it! Poet is right. Mr. Hawk is there to give you a message. Maybe from your mom??? or??? When I travel by car I always feel as if Jerry is watching over me and when those thoughts cross my mind .... there will be a hawk sitting on a pole or fence or sign. xo

OldLady Of The Hills said...

How WONDERFUL that this Hawk comes so close to you and is not frightened away by your being near....I understand how you feel. Two years ago when the Hawk Mama & Papa had three babies...I called them, 'My Hawk Babies....I must have taken 2000 pictures of them, if not more...! Such joy was mine in watching them grow and learn to fly, etc., etc., etc. I hope your 'summer love' stays through the fall, or even beyond. You never know, Lydia---He just might!

Lydia said...

Thank you all for writing in.

My life is much richer for my Internet friends.