Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chick Flick Night

In high school, the quad at lunch was where we met our girlfriends. We were cheap to feed because we lived on a perpetual "diet". If we skipped the beverage: stuck to water, we could save the quarter from the lunch allowance. 

Then came married with children. A time when neighbor ladies came over to nibble on danish with coffee- gossip about the charmingly annoying similarities of our spouses.  

In 2010: there is the email group. More personal than Facebook or other social network sites, we trust our schedules with thoughts with each other. Real Life, but not necessarily in real time.

We don't get up at the same time or have the same schedules. We don't live in the same state, let alone city. But as friends, we know each other's likes and dislikes from the chit chat. If anyone goes "missing"- we pick up the phone to find out what we can do to help. 

Earlier in the week, I reported in on a delightful Judi Dench movie, "Mrs. Henderson Presents".  Trisha asked where to find it. Still catalogued on our DVR. Chick Flick night was born.

One of the privileges of being married is not having to read instructions. Here, the "girls" - we are all well past the age where that term is deemed pejorative- are raising our glasses of the bubbly to Gerry- who is effortlessly competent when it comes to remotes related to  our entertainment center.

More on our evening next post. Nothing fancy: but prepare to drool.


  1. Wow! L, you know how to bring a story to life!
    So enjoyed it and am looking forward to receiving those recipes!
    Please thank Ger for us!

    Hugs, Trisha

  2. Lyia, What a fun "happening". Since I'm one further away from "girl" than the rest of you, this movie set in the late thirties was a visual feast for the eyes, as well as being peopled by excellent actors. Hoskins and Dench outdid themselves on this one.

    The "nibbles" became a feast as well. Leading that parade were the grilled fresh veggies ala Gerry at the grill...Master of the Grill Universe for sure. :) I will not admit to the number of plate refills this led me to. Of course sipping the bubbly from traditional crystal glasses, designed just for the bubbles fit right into the film's decade.

    We missed our Oregon Sue but, we were all out under the same big round silver orb last night.

    Thanks for everything....E.

  3. It's a little drive for me to get together with the Daily Drivel gals, but when you were so gracious to tempt us with the movie w/Dench and Hoskins, how could I not trek over from the beach area to Diamond Bar! So very glad I did, my friend.

    The repast would have pleased any gourmand and yes, the Mum champagne was the perfect accompaniment to the perfect evening. I too was enamored with those grilled veggies of Jerry's and await the recipe for those and the cuccumbers as well!

    I especially enjoyed meeting two lovely young females of the brown, hairy chihuahua persuassion: Tahoe and Reno. I'd never met them the previous time I was at Chateau Plunk. I feel I made two more very charming friends for life!

    Thank you again, Plunks for a delightful evening! The only thing that was missing and could have improved the evening was if our Sue were there, too.

    Luv and hugs,

  4. Loved the blog. Loved your words. Loved the picture (saved it in "My Special Friends" file.
    xo Sue

  5. Such a great idea to have a "Movie Night" with old dear friends.
    I know that film and like it very much. Just about anything with Judi Dench has me captivated....!


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