Sunday, July 4, 2010

Whole Beauty

"It is the always the accumulation of little details. the small steps. that cumulatively make a big difference in our lives."

Alexandra Stoddard

Holidays punctuate the seasons. We stop: dote on details. Enjoying honored rituals, the whole beauty of individual decisions brightens in clear focus.

Our backyard began with not much more than a lawn the previous owners outlined in big-box store roses. From the start, avian insect-connoisseurs have been happy.

Popular with builders at the time our house was christened , a pine tree feeds seeds to scrub jays and gives dove a place to coo from.

The first water feature was crafted from an exposed segment of irrigation drainage: lined in concrete and cast-off stone. Relatively deep and at ground level, large avian through carnivores belly-up to this always- open watering hole.

Over time, other water features were added. Our flying friends may now choose to quench between still or bubbling waters.

Back in the beginning, a seedling silk floss tree was slipped into a small hole. Since then, its splayed arms have opened broadly into a sturdy welcoming gesture. Finches flirt within fern-like foliage fanned by cooling breezes . In summertime, the blooming puffs entice flocks of hummingbirds.

To the side, stations of bird feeders are set to to please every culinary desire of the most discerning songbirds.

A Coopers Hawk has taken notice.

The first time it swooped down to find a Tweety to gorge on- the natural urge to be squeamish squeezed screams from onlookers. It took awhile to accept this part of the natural order.

As the late season iris salutes sends up its final salue for the season, from my garden to yours, may your Fourth of July be happy and blessed in abundance.


Oregon Sue said...

Next time I am in So Cal and we plan a get together, I'd LOVE to see your garden! Please? xo

Anonymous said...

Hello Lydia. I had to smile when I read your "about my garden" blurb and the seasons we have here. Your image of the irises makes it look like you're somewhere much more lush. And is that Ballerina rose in the background?

Lydia said...

Oregon Sue- Yes. We'll have a garden party.

Nikipolani- Thank you. It is indeed a Ballerina Rose dancing away in the background.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

To have so very many birds visiting Lydia and providing a great Smorgesbord for them---You are truly Nature's Helper....

And that Iris picture is GORGEOUS! Trull truly, beautiful....!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Your Garden is sooo very beautiful Lydia....and I understand exactly what you mean about the 'natural order of things'....I love the Hawks who live close by and who are always on the prownl for food---just as all animals and birds are....!