Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sunday Savorings- $1,000 a- plate Chicken and Dessert

The Grand Ballroom at Hollywood and Highland might best be known as for holding the Governor's Ball post Academy Awards.  Last week it was venue for a different kind of governor. Most accurately, candidate for Governor of California, Meg Whitman

Served was the classic dish of political campaigns was served there at the well-attended fundraiser:

While I was about $999 short to attend, I am just as happy to ogle images from the evening where the tall and handsome Daryl Bowler escorted his mother, Trisha, through the elaborate complex.

Please enjoy her photo of how chicken is presented at an event which is best described as high-end.

Sigh at the loveliness of dessert.
Pictures have no calories- enjoy as often as you like.

Consider joining us in voting for this woman to be Governor of California. In my time, I have been to lots of political events. Both parties. I have never before seen someone brave enough to use our state flower- the California poppy- for the campaign's symbol. This represents the kind of out-of- the- box understanding of what is of significance in this state that is admirable. Always the curious writer-  I want the interview!  

However, politics is not my top priority or passion. My family is. Our dinners come in way-under $1000 for all of us):- And are just as GOOD.

2009_01_23-Cherries.jpgThe big jar or Morello Cherries looked so lovely at Trader Joe's that I just had to bring it home. 

 When Kenny called to see if we could join him and Shannon at an impromptu family dinner before Aunt Nancy went back to Wyoming, as I am designated family expert on gluten free goodies for his mom, Gerry volunteered me to make dessert

With Celiac disease being more commonly diagnosed- a package of Bob'sRed Mill Gluten Free baking mix ought to be in every one's cupboard to accommodate drop-in visitors with this dietary restriction.

We'll call this success

Luscious Lemon Cherry Meringue Pie

Preheat oven to 350° while making the first layer- a feather-light crumbly crust 

 Layer 1- The Crust:

1 3/4 Cup biscuit/ baking mix of your choice
1/2 Cup sifted powdered sugar
2/3 Cup real butter
Zest of 1 lemon

Blend dry ingredients. Toss in lemon zest. Thoroughly cut in butter with a pastry blender.  Press evenly onto the bottoms and sides of a buttered medium oblong baking pan. It will take aprox 18 minutes for the crust rim to toast to a golden blonde hue.

That leaves plenty of time to make layers 2 and 3.

Layer 2 is the 2 egg version of a lemon meringue pie filling. Consult your basic cookbook or Internet site for the recipe. When finished, it can go straight onto the crust.

Layer 3-
3 Tbsp cup cornstarch
1 Cup of sugar
juice of 1/2 lemon.
Morello cherries and syrup separated and saved.

Mix the cornstarch with sugar in a medium saucepan. Let the light syrup drizzle into this while stirring to avoid evil lumps.
Keep stirring over a medium heat where it will thicken over a medium heat.
When the syrup starts to bubble, the sauce will be glossy and begin to coat the spoon. Stir in the cherries and try not to sample the pan clean. In about 3 minutes, turn off the stove and let it all cool a bit to make sliding it over the lemon filling easier.

Layer 4- Consult the basic cookbook source for a 4 egg meringue. Smooth it over to seal the edges of cherry filling and bake as your source on this directs.

When you are done- get ready for the love at first bite.

How good  is this dessert? My 105 pound mother-in-law had two heaping servings.

Images from campaign fundraiser by Trisha Bowler of Diamond Bar, CA.


  1. Oh Lydia, what with yesterday and today's postings with the pictures of the lucious looking food, yes especially the desserts, I'm ready to go to Polly's Pies or Marie Callendar's right now and it's 10:36 PM!!!!

    Please stop torturing me! lol

    "Dietingly" yours,

  2. Bravo Miss Lydia!!
    I enjoyed that so much because I got to learn more about that ballroom! Of course I now remember it being the location of the Governor's Ball after the Oscars. Very convenient as it is directly upstairs from the theater where the Oscar's are held.
    Love what you wrote and the pictures look great on your blog. Just wish you had room for that strange looking salad. I have never seen a big square crouton with a hole cut in the middle for a variety of types of lettuce! Tomatoes and yummies were underneath.
    OHHHHH not being a dessert eater much I would be delighted to have a slice of that lucious pie! Ohhh it looked heavenly!! I must say that I did eat most of my fancy dessert in the picture leaving only some of the crisp chocolate shell. The ice cream inside was like soft serve so it was easy to eat.
    Great post! Reminds me I need to make a run to Trader Joe's too. I go to the one in Brea.

    Hugs, Trisha

  3. Once I stop drooling all over my keyboard I can find the 'print' button and copy off the pie recipe! Thanks L. Will have to make a trip to Trader Joes. Darn, if only one was close, but we're in the 'boonies' and it probably saves me a ton of cash that TJ's is so far away! xo

  4. I have rarely participated in Political Campaigns---Not since 1968, when I was quite active...But, I'm afraid I am on the other side of the aisle, as they say, Lydia...
    That dessert at the Fund raiser looked quite complex and yummy...BUT, your Pie looks utterly SCRUMPTIOUS! You are a Fabulous cook, my dear....!

  5. I'm definitely indulging in the calorie-free enjoyment of food photos. Your gluten-free dessert looks tasty :-)

    I admit, I do not like politics. I will read and research to vote conscientiously, but attending these $1000/plate dinners has absolutely no appeal whatever.

  6. Thank you to everyone who commented.

    Those who know me best knnow my love-hate relationship with politics. I was very good in the arena. I chose it as imcompatable with my family's happiness.

    I am fondest when the process is an honest- dare I say, game. Which is why "opposing sides" is good- it keeps things honest. I like it best when people feel comfortable in expressing their questioning or disagreement. We learn much from a diverse viewpoint pool.



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