Monday, September 27, 2010

Perspective in the Garden

Thank you God that You did not make my destiny to be plant in a sunny garden. When the real temperature slammed up to a record-breaking  115.8°F this afternoon. Not even our heat-loving chihuahua mix Tahoe wanted to sunbathe.

Quite a memorable end to a very comfortable summer. Still, beauty exists in every season.
What's a gardener to do after 9 am on such a day? Spend it inside exercising that part of the brain where dreams evolve. Garden-gazing over the Internet in the comfort of an air-conditioned room  means never having to say you are sorry for not remembering to put on sunscreen... or explain how you were stung by the bee lounging around the flowers while you were being perfectly friendly. As Kenny complained as a little boy, " I just petted it." 

Take all the time you want to enjoy this tour of 2  garden nurseries in Pasadena. Different in how they are laid out and what they have to offer- they embody joy in their plantings and respect for their customers,

First up is the Lincoln Avenue Nursery. Enjoy the energy of color in this low water  planting at the main building's side. Bay laurel trees rise up behind a middle ground of Mexican sage and foreground of one of my favorites- calandrinia grandiflora. Any strip of dryish- land fronting a  sunny wall would enhanced with this simply rhythmic planting.

If dealing with the upkeep of an operating fountain is not "your thing".  Succulents overflowing the edge of this classic tired model is a strong focal point without the maintenance.
If you value humor, your garden should include a touch of humor. Restrained playfulness is expressed in this rock and iron scorpion ornament.

The family of ants playing near the water feature is also a smile builder.

This is a sidewalk view up an aisle at California Cactus Center. A visit there is always enlightening. Desserts can be lush habitats.
This pant is new to me..  Known to her friends as "Pink Lace Cactus", you can find her listed in academic horticultural sources as Echinocereus pectinatus v rubrispinus.
Viewed in a grouping and then as a single specimen, it  encouraged different emotions.. The top image I am absorbed by the undulating symmetry and inspiring coloration.

My inner Irish imp made me take this picture.
I assume you see the similarity to a specific masculine appendage.
Proof that perspective matters on the impression made.

Try to keep cool and remember to seek out a daily dose of laughter.
Smiling and laughter breed happiness.
The world will go on whether you are of good cheer or not. Choose to be happy.


  1. I'm still laughing at your cactus! Irish or not, that deserves to be photographed! xo

  2. Glad you liked it. Best not to say anything with tickling the fancy when speaking of that cactus):-

  3. Exceptionally great blog today, Lydia! Lovely visuals and I was captured and heavy into it all and then I saw and read "it!"

    If I had the video turned on this pc right now, you still see on my face the smirk that remains from the full blown laugh attack that the "pretty in pink" pic/comment provoked!

    Tee hee,

  4. I'd only venture to say that, although "Smiling and laughter breed happiness", I can see
    breeding with that thing would only bring none of the above........


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