Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Savoring- In the Garden

I thought I was running a temperature yesterday.Checking the thermometer recording- most likely it was just soldering on a 92° F afternoon.

This morning, "the" window is complete, but not done. Much like writing, once the draft is sent to the editor, there is still work to do before publishing. For one thing, it needs a name. Any suggestions?

The window now rests on a glass top patio table. Light streaming through the glass allows details-including flaws- to show themselves in a way not apparent as when this personal vision of paradise was laid out on an opaque plywood surface.

While there is still work to be done- this is a major milestone- deserving to be celebrated. 

With the weather still warm,  something simple is in order. From the garden; in the garden. Tomatoes- still warm from the garden, sliced. Corn; barbecued, just salted with butter dripping down the sides.

And Ebelskivers.  Those delightful Danish miniature pancakes that put to shame nutrition-challenged fun foods from  Ding Dongs® to donuts

The indented pan deserves to come out more often just for the joy that always accompanies its use.

Kevin Craft's Ebelskivers is a delightful treasure trove of 40 inspirational recipes run the gastronomical  gamut from savory through sweet. The pan, the book, all the accouterments are available through Williams- Sonoma.

Which version will be served tonight- I don't know. Life is happier when you let the moment make some decisions.



  1. Breathtakingly beautiful Lydia! You are an artist!
    When you asked for suggestions for naming your window, the first thing that came to mind was naming it in memory of your mother. You finished it just months after her passing. Didn't she love flowers and birds and of course she loved you. Just a thought.

    Have a great Sunday!
    Hugs, Trisha

  2. Trisha- GREAT idea! We used to tease mom that my shed was her "cottage" if she ever needed to move in with us.

    "Ethel's Garden" it is.

    I will plan some thing to do with my mother-in-law.

  3. "The Beauty Of Nature"....It IS Gorgeous, Lydia..I hope you will take more pictures of it after you have "tweaked" the flaws out of it....
    I have no memnory of ever eating those darling little goodies....But they look like they would be a Great Treat!

  4. Oh my goodness, Lydia. You did that?! The complementary colors and arrangement are beautiful.

  5. OOLH- Will do.

    Niki- Yes.

    Everyone- Thank you.

  6. Lydia, as one who dabled at stained glass art in the 80's, all I can say is this is a remarkable piece! It's just gorgeous and I think Trisha's idea to name after your mother is sensational. Yes, it looks like it was meant to be Ethel's Garden! Congratulations. I think your glass work is as great as Gerry's woodworking is beautiful.


  7. I love T's suggestion of Ethel's Garden!!! Wonderful. I love the glass too. It's just perfectly beautiful. You certainly have many talents, L!!

    I have a cast iron Ebelskiver pan. Was my Grandmother's. Made them before. Really good, but addictive!
    xo Sue


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