Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 In Memorium

Nine- Eleven. The combination to our hearts opened on a  clear-skied September morn in 2001 when the world stopped turning and we remembered as a nation that we are one people capable of courage and conciliation.

Our collective memory is wafting. Let today be a day to refresh the goodness of America when we pull together. I invite you to re- visit George Bush's address to the nation, given 9 days post terrorist attack.   
The contemporary record reviewed from the perspective of now is a landscape of how far we've come; how far we have yet to go.

Read it. Watch it. Understand why there is actual reasoning behind the controversy centered in New York concerning a certain proposed Islamic Center to replace a building damaged by infamous attack. The label of the project depends upon the purpose of the speaker. Some call it the Cordoba House after a historic Spanish city of religious/ cultural importance. Some call it Park 51 for its address, hoping the locked and loaded connotative connections associated with Cordoba disappear from discussion.

 With respect. Particularly to my Islamic friends; to visitors from other countries seeking understanding. In this country we stop construction for many reasons. Land where dead dinosaurs roamed. Ground where where fragments of  Native American ancestors may lie. We stop construction for flies of questionable value, not for any particular significance, simply because they are rare.

In prioritizing our values, please understand the sensitives of survivors of the 9/11 victims are rightly the highest consideration.

The United States  is a vast nation. Wounds do not heal by force. Show your good faith by building this center elsewhere. Let wounds heal as they must. With time. Be patient with those who grieve. You cannot give them their loved ones back. You can only offer understanding, condolence and justice.

Someday this all will pass. This is just not that day.

Gloria's Tears is by Washington State artist Gloria Whitley is pastel on sanded paper.  Tear's flowed as she created it in the days that followed 09-11-2001. Interest in her work can be sent to her in care of her  newly founded blog  Beads and Banter.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your post today! Immediately I decided, with your permission, to post your words above the picture along with the picture on my Facebook page. May I?
I have a copy of that angel that Gloria gave to me framed and hung on top of my "Me Wall" in my family room. It's beautiful.
You said it well and now if only they will listen..............

Hugs, Trisha

Lydia said...

Thank you. Yes. I can give permission on words and link. The image belongs to Gloria. To be kosher- she should grant permission separately. Since she has posted on her own link- chances are she will okay with artist credit given.
It is a haunting image.

Anonymous said...

You did such an elegant post re: Sept 11. Thank you for honoring my own personal grief by including my painting, "Gloria's Tears". The tears were real, plentiful and have never really stopped. So many continue to suffer, God bless them all. GloW

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful words for today, but, why am I not surprised.
You brought thoughts to my mind that I never had before. There ARE many places we protect and this should also be one of them due to sensitivities. It will mean a lot if out of compassion "they" make other plans.

Lydia said...

Dear Glo- Thank you for allowing use of your angel.

Jeannie- Thank you.

I knew I wanted to write something. But had no idea what was going to come out until the keys on the board started moving.