Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Philosophy- On Education

There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

A glorious 54°  Diamond Bar morning to you.   Outside, the hummingbirds fight for their place at the feeder, butterflies dance through the air. The twin stephanotis at our entry are finally tall enough for their lanky tendrils to reach the fishing line strung across the front eave. I dream next summer the arching arms will join hands above the picture window. Then angels and visitors will be welcomed with with  bridal bouquet   scented air.

Yesterday's recorded high temp was 88.5°. A good day to split between writing and "doing cardio" at the mall. We have a cocktail party coming. Our youngest son's engagement. Clothing is not normally something writers are known to obsess about. But this writer graduated from the Fashion Institute of Merchandising. Dressing to the occasion as a sign of respect.

Yesterday included an afternoon "scoping" mission. Learn what's on the market. I learned that there is a simplicity to being male that I hope men appreciate. My husband will decide if a new suit is warranted (So Cal is rather informal. He thinks his closet holds a couple suits that are just fine. I think he may be in denial).  In either case,  he can go from being my Saturday handyman to 007 in under an hour. I started getting ready last month, still need to shop and it will take me a full week to get from basic deadline infused writing fiend  to presentable.

My feet ached and my mind wandered. The sound and aroma  emanating from the local Williams- Sonoma  tempted me to abandon my search  temporarily. Inside, 1" chicken cubes dredged in the flour spiked with smoked paprika, pulled through buttermilk , then one last time through the flour were dropped into bubbling peanut oil then salted were a renewed revelation of how good something so simple can taste.   

The joy of learning comes when it is shared. A quick stop at the market for fresh chicken breast tenders and my husband came home from a long afternoon into evening of meetings to a lit fire and the scent of real food cooking. 

Earlier this week, an attacking glass sliver threw the turning over to finish operation into a momentary panic. One band aid later- the copper foiling is soldered front and back. One cracked pane needs rreplicating and replacement before  the lead caming is puttied on the backside. Then my part is complete. The project turned over to my husband for framing.

But like a formal degree, the education of this project won't end when it is framed and hung.

Blooming Stephanotis photo from Logees' Greenhouse nursery

The Breville Deep Fryer  is available through Williams- Sonoma.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Your "Glass Project" looks absolutely beautiful, Lydia...
The entry-way to your house will be absolutely gorgeous, too, when it all surrounds the front there....Lovely idea!
And what you say about Men True! At least it seems a lot easier than what we ladies have to go through.....Good Luck with it all, my dear!

Lydia said...

DOOLH- Thank you for writing in. Your words of encouragement mean so much.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lydia, that glass work of art of yours is going to be quite the heirloom!

Hope the writing is going well for you. My painting will be finished when he does the doors tomorrow morning and puts back all the hardware. For once, I picked the right colors, too. Not too dark! Very pleased, finally! But still so much more to do.