Friday, November 5, 2010

The Good Lord and Footsteps

Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps.
if you are not willing to move your feet.


Diane Watson with Sharon Burkhalter

Meet two of my personal heroes. Diane Watson is the owner of D&D Interiors . Sharon Burkhalter is her capable assistant.  Businesses start only to whither in Diamond Bar- however Diane's business is alive and thriving. So much in fact- to better serve her clientele- she recently transplanted to a larger location.

Why is Diane a continued success in Diamond Bar- where the rumour among the local business community is that the retail vacancy rate hovers near 30%.

Her work is client driven. Great Prices. A cheerful smile. Integrity. Impeccable records.  Want to start your own business like Diane, from home? Understand success is not based on achieving your own desires. It is based upon clients being so pleased with how well you deliver theirs.

Karen, a customer at the grand opening ,became a client of D&D after disappointing customer service with one of the industry big boys. When Diane bid on window coverings- she was shocked to find D &D's price was"cheaper than Costco." Like many of Diane's clients, she discovered that when things don't go quite right  Diane's follow through and customer service are superior to what the bigger players are willing to offer.

 Diane's bids are exemplary " If you like it on paper you will love it in person." Indeed, when she bid on our flooring, every nail and inch of baseboard was listed. The labor cost was detailed. Tile laid at right angle is $X. Tile on diagonal is $X+$x.

Experience is a reason to hire a decorator. Her suggestions are equally beautiful and practical. For example- the grouting on the edge of raised tile entry in earthquake country is a decision mourned. Once earthquakes depleted our stock of original material to repair with we went to Diane. She suggested tile with color running through, not just laid on top. Diane's crew mitered the actual tile edge. No grout piped in all too delicate for the edge. No ugly  tile finish chipping  when the local fault line pitched a fit- including lamp and pictures.

  This 1880's slipper chair shows how her love of design can bring up the details in an old cherished piece, catapults a cast off to heirloom status.

In our household, my husband so trusts the D&D experience- any of flooring, reupholstering or flooring work we are considering- I am not expected to take outside bids. In these matters, Diane has walked the footsteps for us.

D&D Interior's new location is at
514 No Diamond Bar Blvd. Suite C
Diamond Bar, CA 91765-3482

(909) 860-6003

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Anonymous said...

What a great piece for Diane! (At first, since I am still thinking in terms of politics I thought you meant the Congressman Diane Watson and thought you had flipped:):)"

I too am a very satisfied customer of D&D. In my completely redecorated living and dining room I refused to get rid of two large chairs that we had custom made in the 70's. So I took photos and took to Diane. She helped me pick several books of materials to bring home. Diane even came by my house to see the chairs in person and was please with the choice of fabric that I had picked.
She sent her wonderful and talented re upholsterer, Sergio, to get the chairs and ottoman. They were completed in good time and I am completely satisfied!
I am just sorry that Diane has moved from so close to me to the far end of town!

Thanks, Trisha