Sunday, November 7, 2010

Journaling. Cream of Watercress Soup

"All around my house, in my studio, and tucked into backpacks, I have a multitude of journals in progress- different topics, sizes and shapes. If you peeked between the covers of my journals, you'll find everything imaginable- writings- sketches, notes, memorabilia, secrets photos and dreams."
- Janet Takahashi
artist and author

One thought leads to another, wraps and ties past with present in bow. The upcoming hydroponic experiment - what edibles to try- watercress popped on the list. Our 35th wedding anniversary: Monday.  The first recipe I posted in my newlywed's journal- Cream of Watercress Soup. Janet carefully calligraphy on  5 x7 cards for her friends to take home.  

This illustration by Janet of the tools of her trade are from her book  Artful Journals, her  "sketchbook journey filled with artful musings". So lovely, I am inspired to take a calligraphy class.

Janet Takahashi's Cream of Watercress Soup.

BUTTER, 1 whole cube at room temp (plus more for sauté )
1 ONION, chopped fine
1 LEEK, chopped fine
2 CELERY BRANCHES, chopped fine
2 CARROTS, chopped fine
2 lbs POTATOES, diced
HEAVY CREAM (2 cartons)

Sauté  onion, leek and celery in clarified butter until lightly golden. Add watercress (chopped, withold a few sprigs for garnish), carrots, potatoes and seasonings. Add chicken stock until stock is 1" over the top of the vegetables. Cover and simmer 1 hour. Puree  in blender. Return to pan. Add the whole cube of butter and heavy cream to taste. Sprinkle a few leaves of watercress on each serving. 

* If you make this ahead of time, don't add butter or cream until just before serving.


In the writer's spirit of show- don't tell-  See how loved this recipe is by the smears  and drips of repeated kitchen appearances.   

Take a stroll through Janet's lovely Web studio. Listed is a calligraphy conference in next door Pomona.  LETTERS CALIFORNIA STYLE 2011, February 18-21, 2011

I signed up for one calligraphy class through Parks and Recreation when Diamond Bar was first a city. It  included a hold harmless agreement from my heirs should I die as a result of being in the class . LOL. That particular verbiage, I crossed out, initialed and turned in. But I wonder- how many people signed it without questioning what type of ink was being used or in what manner it might be delivered):- 


Oregon Sue said...

The soup sounds so good and interesting! I copied it off and will make some this winter. Thanks!!! ox

OldLady Of The Hills said...

That is the richest sounding soup---EVER!! LOL! Heavy Cream, ALL that Butter---YUMMMMM! Everything tastes better with Butter, doesn't it? Merci, my dear!